Bugging Me & KoKi Too

Living in the tropics always puts you in the midst of bugs of all kinds. Some I dislike more than others.The other day, this fellow was crawling across the floor.

Now Koki has been having a bout with ticks. I have found a couple that were the size of a small bean and about 8 that were much smaller.

I give Koki a monthly dose of Revolution, but I guess it is time to switch as they are not being affected anymore. I think the back yard is also going to need to be sprayed.

They are bugging me and Koki too. GRRRRRRR!

6 thoughts on “Bugging Me & KoKi Too

  1. Vet Don Henry (Dr. Gomez) keeps it in stock. It has worked well on our doggie and two cats for the ten years we have been here. However, I have been told that the local supply of Frontline Plus is made in Latin America (don’t know if that is true or not) and that the European version is much more effective. I have always ordered for our pets from http://www.equine-mega-store.com in Australia — their shipping is cheap and even with Customs and delivery charges it works out to be about the same price and sometimes a little cheaper. I even ordered from them prior to coming to Panama when living in the US — absolutely great service and support, fast delivery too, even to Panama — guess old habits die hard, or should I say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

  2. The guy in the top photo is a centipede (or a member of that arthropod family, even though he doesn’t have 100 legs, as the name implies).

    This kind isn’t particularly large, but just about any member of this family does have a painful bite, sort of like a wasp sting, so I always carried out a preemptive strike on them, you might say….

  3. Hi Tambopaxi. I always am careful with any of the creepy crawlies. We had another that was a different variety and was outside. I couldn’t find the camera soon enough to get his photo.

  4. There is a generic Frontline Plus that is a lot cheaper than the brand name. It is called “Pul-ga Kill”. I get it at Mascotas in Boquete.

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