Plethora of Positive Progress in Potrerillos

I received the following for posting.

This posting is a little on the late side, please forgive me — busy week — but I wanted to post something really positive and great about things that are happening in Potrerillos.

A week ago (Thursday, 9th August), late afternoon, Sgt Serrano and Lt Castillo of the Dolega Police Department (Policia Nacional) stopped by our home to tell us about, and to invite us to attend an event to be held the following morning at the small police sub-station at the intersection of the road to Potrerillos Arriba and Potrerillos Abajo (Abajo road now also known as The Ruta Sur).  While speaking with Sgt Serrano and Lt Castillo, Miriam de Sagel called me to tell me about the event and to ask me to attend.

I saw with my own eyes what can be achieved when two great ladies of the local community, Miriam de Sagel and Sanet de Negri, and a wonderful man who cares for his community, Santiago Espinosa, take on a tremendous task for the betterment of everyone.  After several years of hard work, these people secured all the paperwork, signed and registered, for the property at “La Cruz” which was given specifically to the Police Department and donated by a wonderful, caring and community oriented man, Sr. Leonidas Saavedra Espino.  Muchas Graciasy que Dios los Bendiga Sr. Espino.  This is only the EIGHTH property in the whole of Panama that is owned by the Policia Nacional.

Topographers, Architects, Engineers and a VERY large contingent of “the top dogs” from Police Headquarters in Panama City (I think I heard the title “Commissioner” mentioned several times) duly arrived, escorted by our very proud members of the Dolega Policia Nacional.  Topographers sighted, engineers conversed, architects envisioned, it was something to behold – this was the day that Miriam, Sanet and Santiago had long dreamed about.

The plan is to build a comprehensive police sub-station at La Cruz, rather than the small two room building there at present.  With the opening of the Ruta Sur it is essential that we all support this program.  Previously maleantes from Boquete could only head one way – to David and the InterAmericano. Nowhere to go from Boquete except the road to David; Potrerillos, likewise, was a dead end.  Now, the Ruta Sur gives criminals more avenues of escape – to Volcan, Boqueron, Conception and La Frontera.  The success of this project is vital to enable the police to perform their duty to the fullest extent and to insure that our lives here continue to be “Muy Tranquilo”.

I stood back — it was Miriam, Sanet and Santiago’s day.  For Sanet it was a doubly proud moment as her son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons were also present, currently visiting from California.  I was deeply honored as it seems I was the only Gringa invited, or if not then others were not present for this wonderful occasion.  (Unfortunately, due to ill health my husband was unable to attend.)

Miriam, Sanet and Santiago are still thinking about “what is to come”, their minds and hearts are racing ahead – first the fully equipped and manned police sub-station, then, perhaps a fire station and paramedic unit.  Their aim is to turn their dreams into reality.

Thank You Miriam, Sanet and Santiago, you have our deepest gratitude and support as do the Police of Dolega and especially those who currently man the small sub-station at La Cruz.

The last year or so has seen a big change — from the sub-station being abandoned for many years (I think close to 18), then taken over as a restaurant by a local entrepreneur, we have a police presence, with transport and which now also includes an officer on duty at night.

Definitely a Blue Ribbon Day for all of us in this little part of the world.

4 thoughts on “Plethora of Positive Progress in Potrerillos

  1. It is true that Potrerillos has many individuals who do a lot for the community. This is especially true for many in the Expatriate Community who have rolled up their sleeves and work equally as hard to make Potrerillos a better place to live. Securing our township for the future is a call to duty for everyone who lives in here however not everyone reports for work while other work overtime.

    Although the author of this post is correct in that there are a few key individuals who have working tirelessly, there are also many others in this wonderful community who continually provide unwavering support for the common good of everyone in our township.

    Potrerillos is a good example of what a small community can do through mutual cooperation and support for our friends at the National Police.

  2. Good for Miriam, Sanet and Santiago, and their efforts. Kudos to the expats who have been active with this project for a decade or more. I don’t believe any expat could have accomplished what Miriam, Sanet and Santiago have been able to do. Everything in Panama moves slowly, issues involving government even more so.
    Congrats to Marion for being invited to the meeting, apparently her long term involvement had an impact on the primary movers and shakers of this project.
    jim and nena
    fort worth

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    Thank you


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