Well Kiss My Grits

Well Kiss My Grits
By Don Ray Williams
August 12, 2011

Have you ever been driving down the road
When you hear a pop and a hiss.
You get out of the car to take a look, you see a flat.
Well kiss my grits.

Even worse than that, you pull out the spare,
And when it hits the ground you see it has no air.
Isn’t that is enough to make you just want to spit.
Well kiss my grits.

Three hours later, you have air in the tires and your moving along,
When your cell starts blasting, it your wife on the phone.
“Yer late again” she says, She throwing a real hissy fit.
Well kiss my grits.

You get home and open the door,
To be greeted by toys all over the floor,
The wife’s in the kitchen, still throwing a fit,
You’re on your back, having just done the splits,
Well kiss my grits.

She comes out and sees you lying there,
A beer in her hand and rollers in her hair,
Smeared makeup on her face and a cigarette hanging off her lip.
Well kiss my grits.

You were to be here four hours ago.
What do you have to say for yourself?
Don’t you dare give me no lame excuse,
And I don’t want none of your smart mouth.
Well kiss my grits.

In the background, the baby is crying,
There is a small trickle of blood where you’ve been lying.
Your gritting your teeth to keep from screaming.
And sure as hell, your gonna get more reaming.
Well kiss my grits.

I’m sorry baby, you know I love you honey,
I been working my butt of today, trying to make us some money.
I’m sorry I’m late, please don’t throw a fit.
But you wish you had the nerve to say,

1 thought on “Well Kiss My Grits

  1. Clever and entertaining poem. Thanks for sharing. I was able to relate on more than one level, including not have the courage to say, “Kiss my grits!”

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