“Thank You” – No – “Thank You”

Last night, Lilliam and I had the distinct privilege of dining with the U.S. Ambassador to Panama, Jonathan D. Farrar, and his lovely wife Terry.

In attendance were the Warden from Volcan, Marjorie Lee and her husband Glenn, and the Warden from Potrerillos, Jim Gaffery and his wife Betty. Price Petterson, the Warden from Boquete, and Larry Shane, the warden from Bocas, we’re not able to attend.

Also in attendance was Ian Robbins, who is responsible for the U.S. Peace Corps in Chiriquí. You may remember that Chiriquí Chatter has been a big supporter of Courtney and her Girl Scout Group.

At the beginning of our evening, Ambassador Farrar said he wanted to express his gratitude for the volunteers who fill the roles as Warden for the U.S. Embassy. We said we would like to express our gratitude for all that he and his fellow Ambassadors do in serving the U.S.

Speaking for myself and Lilliam, our lives are enriched by being able to support the Embassy via the position of Warden.

Here is a photo taken last night. The Ambassador and his wife are at the far end of the photo.

Click to enlarge

The table was arranged with the Ambassador at one end of the table and his wife at the other. I was next the Ambassador’s wife and what a charming lady she is. I can’t tell you what an extraordinary time we all had.

I enjoyed hearing about all of their previous location in which they had served. Mrs. Farrar told an interesting story about their previous location in Cuba. Their residency looked out over a street and it always had the cars we are used to seeing in Cuban photos. All of the old 1950s U.S. autos.

She said that if you looked under the hood of all of these cars, you would find that most now were powered by Russian Lada engines. You still see a lot of Ladas being driven in Panama as well.

Mosto Bistro did an excellent job of providing excellent food for the occasion. As always I took a few photos. I didn’t take a photo of my Apple Pie. It disappeared before I thought about it.

As a reminder, don’t forget the U.S. Embassy meetings on Monday and Tuesday.

I have added a new app to my iPhone and will start posting the GPS of the locations I visit. As I get around to it, I will populate the posts of all previous posts with their GPS location.

This is where we were last night.

GPS (8.421774,-82.431105)

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