The First Of Two

Today, Lilliam and I went to the Ministry of Health and took our flu shots. As you can see from the photo above, there is nothing to it. The cost is less painful. It is given for free. Who said you can’t get something for nothing.

There are two injections given. One in the left arm and one in the right. One is given for pneumonia and the other for influenza. With H1N1 in our midst, it is a wise precaution to take advantage of this free service.

I was told that they are receiving the medicine from France.

To get to the Ministry of Health, go East on the InterAmerican Highway and make a right on the street behind the Super Baru supermarket.

The first stop sign will be by Java Juice. Continue on in the same direction.

The second stop sign will be the one near the bus terminal. Continue in the same direction.

The next stop sign has Clinica Cattan on the right. Make a right turn at this corner. You will see a guard gate on your left a short distance from the corner. Enter onto the grounds of the Ministry of Health. Follow the road around to the back of the big building. The morgue will be on the right and where you want to go is on the left.

However, if you do not heed my warning and get this flu shot, the next time I see you might be in the building on the right. I don’t want that to happen. Go get your injections.

12 thoughts on “The First Of Two

  1. wow – we must be related by the grimace your making. Did you also say no, no, no….. before she stuck you? LOL Glad your protected!

  2. I did ask the nurse if it is more painful for gringos than Panamanians, she she told me it was the same for everyone. I had to make the photo memorable. My grandkids may see it. 😉

  3. Did someone Photoshop this photo? It doesn’t look like you…well…maybe it does…if I squint my eyes (smile)…Thanks for the post with directions to this place. Gringolandia appreciates all that you do!

  4. I’ll bet Lilliam was a much braver soldier! haha The small stick is much less pain than the flu. Glad to see y’all getting protected.
    jim and nena

  5. Don,
    Good job!! Do you know if they have the yellow fever vaccine at the Ministry of Health in David??…
    Bill and Kathy

  6. Thanks for the reply Don!!
    Are there special days for the flu shots or are they any day?
    We would like to get picked all at once…
    Bill and Kathy

    Bill and Kathy

  7. Hi Don, the wife and I followed your lead for the flu shots.. Thanks for the tip,but, the nurse at the Ministery of Health made a point to tell us we were in the wrong place ! She told us to let you and all others know to visit your local clinics. The shots are free there and they are not the place for foot traffic.We were told to use the Potrerillos clinic from now on. They didn’t seem pleased I told them It was posted for gringos to go there ! Just passing on their comments as I promised I would !
    pura vida, Sampson

  8. Hi Sampson. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Obviously I live in David. I have not researched other locations, but they did tell me they were the only place in David to get it. If there is a Misistry of Health closer to where you live, it would make sense to see if the are equipped to give the vaccinations.

    I also gave them my card and told them I was going to post the information. They expressed appreciation. If the want to clarify the information, they may comment as well.

  9. Don,
    FYI took your advise and went to David Ministry of Health….received pneumonia shot and yellow fever shot…..ouch!! just kidding….yellow fever shot is $5.00 others are free…
    Great deal to take advantage of in Panama…..

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