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Hi Don:

Would you please post this for all of us?

Read all about it! Register your blood type.
http:// boquetehospice. com/ blooddonors.html

We are not asking you to donate blood on a regular basis.

We are asking that you register your blood type for future use.
Blood donations are needed for persons who need blood on hand for surgery or in case of an accident.

Rarer blood types are hard to find and it is especially important that you register if you have a rare blood type.

Register your blood type or if you need blood contact:
Mary Lynah, 6533-0967, mhlynah @, or Clair Edmonds 6887-6083.

The registry is confidential, kept by Mary and Clair who are both retired RN’s living in Boquete.
We have 90 persons registered and need another 110 persons to register, bringing the total to 200.
We added 8 people last month.

You will be asked to provide your name, telephone number, age, blood type, medications, medical conditions.

See complete qualifications at: boquete Click on blood donation.

Hospital Chiriqui and Hospital Mae Lewis do not have blood blanks. If you go in for surgery they will ask you, with very short notice, to provide two pints of blood of the same type as your own.

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  1. Hello Don. Do you know if there is still a 6 month moratorium on donating blood if one has traveled to the US?

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