Technology and the Olympics

If you want to keep up with the Olympic standings and info on all the competitors, there is an app for that. Samsung has done a great job with their app.

For a non Spanish speaker, one of the annoyances is having to watch the Olympics with Spanish commentators.

I decided to see what I could find on the Internet. NBC has streaming in the U.S., but you have to have U.S. cable to see it. Bummer.

Then I found that BBC was streaming the live events. BBC doesn’t have their streaming requiring cable, but you do have to be in England.

I decided to configure my router VPN location to London. Bingo! I now can select the live event I want to watch and am getting the broadcast in English. Granted, it is the British form of English, but better for my ears than Spanish.

It is not perfect. I am getting some spooling, but it is still watchable. The benefits are English, and I can select the live event I want to watch.

I do live in David and have Cable Onda for my Internet. My contract is for 4MB and I get pretty close. Under VPN I get less, and I am getting less with the London server, than the San Francisco server I usually use.

This is the first time I have found a need to use a server outside the U.S. and it has been a good test.

6 thoughts on “Technology and the Olympics

  1. Don Ray, go to and register (free). Sign in and you can watch the olympics on NBC. This site is made for people out of the U.S. You won’t be blocked and you don’t need a U.S. IP address or VPN.

  2. Hi Judy.

    I have used the ustvnow before and for me the quality was horrible. Not near the quality I am getting using VPN. And as I remember, you are limited to what the broadcaster is providing. I can choose the live event I want to watch.

  3. Hi Don,

    I have great speed (25mps) with Sarasota’s Verizon FIOS service and know that speeds will be lower in David. As I understand it, VPNs reduce speeds even further. I have read yours and others (on Ning especially) regarding options for TV, movie, video, etc viewing and learned that Unblock-US was available. I have spent some time today researching and found 2 sites that explained/boiled down some of my questions/concerns/answers.

    I was curious to your take on Unblock-US, whether you had experience with it or not and if it seems like something and Apple user would find compelling.

    I’ve included the sites below should you want to visit them.

    A good written review:

    A good vpn/unblock-us explanation video:

    Joel PS I’m a daily reader!

  4. Hi Joel. No, I have no experience with Unblock-US. I did find this review.

    I use a VPN that is in my router. The benefit is that all PCs in the house or anyone who is visiting with a PC, has the benefits of the current VPN setting.

    I have not tried Apple TV, but am considering it for my TV in the bedroom. I use Amazon Prime for movies instead of Netflix.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

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