Why Do I Need New Technology

I received this question which was prompted by some of my recent posts. The answer is, you probably don’t if you are looking for someone else to justify it for you.

That being said, I will touch on a couple things. A smart phone will not replace a tablet. A tablet will not replace a desktop/laptop. Each has it place and one size doesn’t fit all.

I can do a lot of things with my iPhone, but I would never consider it a replacement for my iPad. For $33 a month, my iPhone gives me a connection to all services on the Internet within range of a free WiFi server or Claro’s cell service. Lilliam uses it to call her daughter for free in Costa Rica. No telling how much that saves. There is even a MagicJack app. I have it, but don’t use it as I use MagicJack in the house. I have found several apps that I have found to be useful.

The display and keyboard make it more of an emergency device for email and Internet browsing. I admit, I have found that handy in several situations, but if I am on the Internet for long periods of time, I prefer the iPad. Reading a book on the iPhone would not be a fun thing to do either. I question whether the 7inch iPad would be something I would enjoy.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having an iPhone as opposed to its competition. The main advantage is access to the most secure and best apps available. Since the iPad has the largest market share, apps are developed for it first and Apple has kept a reasonably tight control on the apps that are available for downloading. You never know where an app for Android has come from and a smart phone is really a computer and susceptible to malware.

The main disadvantage of the Apple is access to the battery. That means if the battery goes out, the iPhone will have to be sent to an Apple service center to be replaced. That is the same for my iPad. Since I have had my iPad for over 3 years, it doesn’t seem like too big a deal.

I used to keep a book of all business cards that I thought I might need. I threw them all out when I got my iPhone. When I get a card now, I enter it once on what ever device is most handy, PC, iPad or iPhone into Contacts. Once the information is entered, it is available on all the other devices. No more synchronization problems. The same with corrections. No need to do it on all devices.

I also use my iPhone as an emergency camera. While decent, it does not replace my better cameras, but I always have a camera with me. My iPhone is my GPS and I always have a map with me.

The general use of my iPad is in the house or if we take a trip. While it doesn’t replace a laptop, it is fine for many things. It won’t fit in my pocket, so it doesn’t compete with the iPhone.

That reminds me. A WiFi router is required to get the most benefit out of the iPhone, iPad or laptop. The iPad will not connect to the Internet the same way your desktop does. If it did, I wouldn’t be able to be writing this on my sofa while watching CNN. The iPhone makes use of a WiFi connection if one is available and does not consume any of the data allowance your monthly contract provides.

In short, technology is a benefit if you have a use for it. If your only connection to the Internet is an occasional email, then you don’t need much. If you are a book reader and don’t use the Internet for entertainment, than any of the various ebook readers will do fine.

Technology is changing fast and the companies that don’t provide value in this competitive market are going to disappear. Nokia is on the ropes and the Blackberry is watching its obituary written each day.

Do you need this new technology. I can’t tell you. I could do without it, but my days would be a whole lot less enjoyable and less productive.

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  1. I agree with everything you say with only one exception. I ENJOY reading on my Android bionic cellphone. I always have it with me, and the Nook software keeps my Xoom tablet synchronized with my phone so I always know where I am in any of the books I have downloaded.The smaller screen is really no problem.

  2. I love reading all your e mails but I am not computer literate and don’t know what in the hell you are talking about…….i am 70 and my husband will be 77 in Sept. PLUS, we moved to Panama, thinking that our retirement and Soc. Sec. would be enough…….We are being billed more and more in Panama. They should start taking care of the roads being non-accessible with all the rain and all I can see here is $$$. not taking care of resident x pats..and Panamanians More and more condos and apartments and fraud, lies, corruption, lies and decidpt. .$$$$$$ all the way. I fear the US tax treaty and how many people (Panamanians) here will be out of a job and income.

  3. Actually what you are reading is blog posts. 🙂

    Yes, costs are going up all over the world. Where you live is a matter of tradeoffs. Different strokes for different folks.

  4. Shrader – to be honest, I haven’t tried reading books on the iPhone and as you point out, many people do use it to read. However, I find the larger screen of the iPad to be much easier on my eyes. Thanks for commenting.

  5. @Charlotte H.
    Your comments on the topic ‘Why Do I Need New Technology’
    are so enlightening.

  6. I am technically illiterate and have stayed away from all technology. My husband was the computer whiz, but after several strokes, he has completely lost his technical abilities. Now, I am tip-toeing into this vast sea of technology. I bought a lap-top, but it doesn’t seem to cooperate most of the time, and I wonder what on earth it expects me to do, for it to behave properly. Our old desktop assembled by my husband is very reliable. But after reading your blog, I think I first need a cell phone while traveling around in Panama. We hope to visit there for a few weeks and try it out. We loved it when we were there last summer. Then, we were completely untethered from all technology. But, I guess, the times they are a-changing, and luxuries have turned into necessities, and I will have to keep up or be literally left behind.

  7. Just one quick comment as I’m on my way out the door: I’m using my iPad at the office to take notes at all of my (interminable) meetings. Virtual keyboard is not useful for that, instead, I bought an iPad cover which has a wireless, Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard’s magnetic and detachable, which means I can put it on my lap if necessary. Great little gadget. Re: smartphones, I’m leaning toward the Galaxy S3, myself, but waiting to see if an iPhone 5 really is going to come out this year….

  8. I saw the Galaxy III the other day and it is a slick looking devidpce, but the size is a little large to carry for a cell phone. Still, I did like its looks. I did not try the functions.

  9. I’ve only seen the S3 on Amazon and various news articles; it’s not here in Quito yet,so you’re one up on me!

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