Consumer Reports – August 2012

I am currently downloading the August 2012 issue of Consumer Reports into my iPad. This issue is covering Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops, E-Readers and Cameras. The price for the download is $4.99, which is better than finding a copy in a couple of months at ARROCHA or Revilla’s.

4 thoughts on “Consumer Reports – August 2012

  1. I have a beloved iPad too. Check the apps for CNet, Engadget, NewEgg and iPF (iPad Forum). If you didn’t know there is a free iPad Secrets book and an inexpensive full size that is so much better than the owners manual by far.

    Happy iPading to you!

  2. OK, I broke down and bought an iPad when I was in the States in June (first time back in three years, btw). I got the 64G, 3G-Wi-Fi version and got a wireless keyboard as well. I mean if you’re gonna do this, might as well go whole hog, right? I’m adding apps as they come to my attention (which reminds me, Don, you mentioned Pages, which I should download…).

    The Kindle and YouTube apps are not what I would call intuitively obvious in their formatting; guess it’ll take some practice to use these things. I’ve only had time to read a few pages of the iPad users’ manual, so that’s some homework still left to do.

    I’ve let my nieces (ages 19 and 13, both computer adept) play with it and of course, they went ga-ga over the thing. Still it’s been kind of a symbiotic relationship in that I sit next to them and let them show me some of the capabilities of the thing. I’ve got a couple of iPad user buds at the office and they’ve talked about doing brown-bag lunch routine which should afford me more opps for learning more about my new little machine. – And you, Don, if you’ve got any tips of your own, they’d certainly be welcome! Saludos from Quito!

  3. Good luck with your purchase. You definitely got a loaded one. In a week or so, you will be an expert. One of the things you should do is get the iPad secrets app. It is free and will get you up to,speed fast.

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