Technology Changes Coming

This month Apple will release Mountain Lion. The cost will be $19.99 and that will cover all PCs registered to the same person. Bending to competition, Microsoft is trying to get Windows 8 ready for prime time. They are also looking at a cheaper online pricing model as well, but it still will be for only one PC. If you have three, then you are going to pay three times. And Microsoft will still have different versions. From what I read the Windows system will be priced at $40 for the downloadable version.

It is rumored that in two years that Apple will have a larger market share of operating systems than Microsoft. Amazing.

I am currently waiting for Susan to get some legal work done and am writing this on my iPhone using Pages. I use Pages on all of my PCs, the iPad and the iPhone.

When I get done, the article will be uploaded to the iCloud and I will do final editing on my iMac. It was never this easy with Windows.

Later this year, Apple will put out another release of IOS. It seems with each new release that Apple connects all of its products a little bit better. It is going to be interesting to see how well Microsoft does with it new system for tablets and PCs. My hunch is that it is going to require new hardware to really make use of it and that is going to make a few more users switch to Apple.

I know I am happy I made the switch.

This iPhone has really made a bigger impact than I ever thought it could. I have several friends with Android phones and while they look similar, the experience is not the same.

For one, the quality and number of apps is not the same. I can pick up my iPhone and say, “Call Lilliam at home” and without having to unlock the screen and enter the unlock code, the call is made. I can say, “schedule lunch tomorrow at noon with Malcolm” and an entry is made on my calendar for that event. I can say, “Remind me to call Olivia tonight at 7 PM and wish her Happy Birthday”. At 7, I can expect a reminder to make that call. Siri is not only fun, but it is useful.

Ok, I have returned to the house. I picked up my iPad and opened up Pages and up pops the article that I was working on with my iPhone. I did nothing. It was almost magical (wink), just like Jobs said. I will write the rest on the iPad since it is easier to type on than the iPhone.

I know that since I have spent my entire life working with technology, that I am less afraid of new technology than some people my age. However, one thing I think Apple does better than others is to keep things simple.

Susan, Sofia and Santi have been visiting for a few days. Often Sofia has come up and with her cherub face, looked up and said, “can I use your iPad”. She is six and it is fun to watch her navigate to some games I have put on for her. A cousin of hers just left this morning. She had an Android tablet. It wasn’t turned on once. Both wanted the iPad.

It just goes to show you that you can have two brown balls. One can be made of Belgium Chocolate and the other of crap. Both are brown. Both are round. The Chocolate ball may cost $10 and the ball of crap may cost a $1. In the end the $10 will be well spent and the $1 will be flushed away.

In the case of the Android tablet, I think they really paid around $150 and my iPad was about four times that. Still $150 spent for something that will not be used is more of a waste than the $600 I spent three years ago on my iPad.

I bet that my iPad has been on for close to 10 hours every day for the last three years and it is just as good today as the day I bought it. Ask one person that any other brand tablet if they can say the same.

I guess this is enough patting myself on the back for making the move. I am going to post this and see how many Android tablet users tell me I am wrong. Omar, if you are reading this, how is the Kindle Fire experiment going?

11 thoughts on “Technology Changes Coming

  1. Don Ray,
    Good post as always. I am from the same gen as you with a similar background beginning with DOS back in the early 80s. I switched to Mac back in November and I’m on my second iPhone. Man, the difference it makes is amazing! I anxiously await the Mountain Lion so that I can get the full effects of Apple TV. Not sure if I’ve found a use for myself on iPad. I’ll keeping your posts and maybe I’ll figure out a use before I make the plunge.

  2. Hi Fred. I admit, I had no plan when I bought the iPad. I was in the U.S. following its release and I just decided to get one while I was there as I knew it would take a while for them to get to panama and they would be a little more expensive.I am glad I didn’t try to justify it, as I often do, before jumping into new technology.

  3. Don,
    Not sure but I think I have a few years on you but gave up on Windows long ago and ran with Linux. Changed over to Mac, have Ipad, Iphone and IMac……love the way they share info…….100% agree with all you said


  4. Hi Jim. I have used a fair amount of Linux systems as well. Solid systems if you only need the applications that run on them.

  5. Hi Don,
    I’ve been following your Blog for several months and enjoy reading it very much. With this post and others that I’ve read in the past I get the impression that you’re besotted with Apple. I’m glad you feel that you’re getting value for money. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Galaxy S3 which I’m very happy with. They serve my purposes more than adequately. Incidentally, my Galaxy Tab is very rarely turned off. Thank you for your entertaining and informative Blog. Keep up the good work.

  6. Besotted? I worked in the technology field my whole career. MCDonnell in St. Louis, Rohr corporation in California, Texas Instruments in Texas, EDS for 29 years and Perot Systems for the last two years. I don’t get besotted with technology, I use what best suits me. In Panama I used Linux solely for several years.

    Samsung makes a descent product, but they are not a systems company. They depend on Google to provide them their OS. If your look at the number of Android devices in the world, most are not on a current release and many will never be. Android is nothing more than Google’s port of Linux.

    I am also not a big fan of Google. I think they are a more monopolistic company then Microsoft.

    When someone provides me more value for my money than Apple is providing me, then I will use them. I choose technology that I feel is giving me the most for my money and today, I feel that is Apple. It was a Samsung phone I gave up when I got the iPhone.

    I will add that no technology company has ever stayed at the top for ever. Look at Blackberry. They probably will be sold in a couple more years. Microsoft, while still huge, has seen large declines. What Apple will be in 10 years, is anyone’s guess.

  7. Hi Don,
    Thanks for your reply. Sorry about my use of the word “besotted” perhaps it was not the most appropriate word to use. I did not mean any offence.

    I am aware of the OS’s used by Apple and Samsung although I have not used Bada. In my opinion each have their strengths and weakness’s.

    I like the configurability (is that a word) of Android. I also think that most people who use technology, in whatever form it takes, do not know or care what happens under the hood as long as it works for them.

    Apple are VERY good at what they do. All I was trying to point out is, they are not “the only game in town”. But as I can now see from your work history, you are probably more aware of that than I.

    Once again I apologise if I caused any offence. It was not my intention.

  8. No offense taken. And you are correct about the fact that most never worry about what goes under the hood. I do. I ran an antivirus under Linux and I run one under OSX. No system is invulnerable to the new thugs of the Internet.

    I also agree that there are other games in town and the better the competition, then the better the products that will be offered to the public.

    Again, no offense taken. It helped me add a new word to my spartan vocabulary.

  9. Hi Don:

    Yes, I’m here. I read Chiriqui Chatter daily, as daily as the sun rises on the East every morning.

    My Kindle project was a disappointing experience. I thought I could use all the applications posted on Amazon’s web page. No joy. The Kindle was launched for residents in the United States. I can’t buy Amazon’s apps, watch movies via Netflix nor access Amazon’s Instant Video-Movies.
    I mainly use my Kindle Fire to download and read electronic books, listen to music via YouTube and sparsely browse the web. Surfing is a cumbersome experience; the screen is too small to enjoy the Web sites.

    If my consultant agreement with a local businessman prolongs, I plan to acquire the latest version of the iPad, and later an iMac when my HP desktop goes kaput. You got me thinking about the iPhone. On Friday, my Chinese cellphone fell off my belt pocket and burst in two pieces. It still works, but is so loose it can open again in half at any time. After reading your post today, I’m going to and take a look at their plans. Then I could own an Apple ecosystem, (e.g., iPad, iPhone, and iMac). As you know, I’ve been an Apple zealot for a long time; in fact, since I purchased an Apple IIe in 1984.

    After reading Steve Jobs’ official bio, I’m convinced Apple is the best company coughing out gadgets, software and computers to the world.

    My two cents on the subject.



  10. Although I haven’t made the move yet, I’m still planning to transition from Blackberry to the iPhone. I’ve been very disappointed in the reliability of the Blackberry hardware…especially since I coughed up about $460 X 2 last year. Some Panamanians I know are also moving away from the Blackberry towards Apple or devices with the Android system. For example, one of the directors of the bilingual school my children attend, switched from a Blackberry device to the iPhone 4s a few months back. She loves the iPhone and was showing me all the cool stuff she does with it…and no mechanical problems. There is a Claro store in Boquete I’ll be visiting soon. I know I’ll enjoy the new toy…the only difference between men and boys is the price of their….

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