Monthly Archives: June 2012

Lots Going On

I hope everyone has been taking time to smell the roses. It has certainly been exciting in Panama for the last few days. There have been major protests going on in Panama City and even some protests in other Panama areas related to hydroelectric and Cable & Wireless legislation that President Martinelli has been pushing.

I watched the news an entire day and could not believe my eyes with the deportment of the elected delegates. If you want a complete update, I suggest that you follow Don Winner’s Panama Guide.

I have been and continue to be occupied with one of those LIFE annoyances that comes around if you life long enough. Luckily, the environment I live in is conducive to putting things into perspective and helps me to realize that all things happen for a reason. Hopefully this will pass soon, but if not, I will not let it get me down.

Just thought I would let those that wonder why there have been no photos or other chit chat being posted, that I am currently busy. It is preventing me from smelling all the roses, but I try to get in one rose smell per day.

On a side note, Lilliam and I were in El Rey the other day and I did see several people ignoring the bag boys when they left with their goods. Remember, in Panama these young men do not work for the supermarket and do not get a salary. They work strictly on tips. The loose change you get back from your purchase would be greatly appreciated by them.

Now why don’t you take a break and go smell some roses. I see a rose over there that I think I will smell before I get back to work.

Don’t you hate it when your wife asks you to hold her purse, and it doesn’t match what you’re wearing

I’m looking at my laughter lines and thinking… what was ever that funny!

You should never fear what you don’t know, that’s why I’m not afraid of anything.

They finally invented a computer as smart as a person. When it makes a mistake, it blames another computer.

High Heeled Traffic Stoppers

Yesterday, while Lilliam and I were searching for flyswatters, we went to Rodelag and subsequently to Romero’s across the street.

It was easier to cross the street than normal because Rodelag had courteously placed some high heeled traffic stoppers in the the street. I don’t think I saw a single car that drove through that didn’t stop and take the Rodelag sale information.

I took the following photo as we approached the street. Continue reading High Heeled Traffic Stoppers

If you learn from your mistakes, you must be a freaking genius.

Urge to Kill

In the recent week, we have had an enormous number of flies. Since most of the cooling in Panama is via the open window, this is a real nuisance.

I have spent the last week looking for a place that sells flyswatters. In Spanish that is matamoscas, coming from kill flies. I have asked at every place that I can think of.

I have also looked for those long streamers that catch flies by them landing on the sticky paper. No luck there either.

If anyone has found a source of either, I would really like to know where it is. Please don’t tell me in Ft. Worth Texas. 😉