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Always a Nerd

Ok. I admit it. I have always had a little nerd in me. I had a slide rule on my hip in high school and have worn out a few pocket protectors.

Today on my journey through my tech sites, I came upon a speech given by Steve Wazniak talking about how he and Jobs met and some of the early days and pranks he and Jobs had done.

This is an hour and 49 minute video, but if you have had a technical orientation in the seventies, you will most likely enjoy watching this.

It did remind me of some pranks I have done when working at some of my early jobs. maybe someday I will share a few.

In the meantime I will share this video with you. I hope you like it.

1984 Steve Wozniak visit to NEOAC from NEOAC MUG on Vimeo.

When in doubt, take the high road. There’s less traffic.

Mi Tierra Colombiana Restaurante

We have been to a restaurant that is new to us, but has actually been open over a year in David. It is called “Mi Tierra Colombiana Restaurante”. As the name implies. it is a Colombian restaurant.


There are many ways to get there, but I am only going to describe one. If you are on the InterAmerican Highway, going East, then you would turn right at the street directly across from IFARHU. If you are going West on the InterAmerican Highway, you are going to have to make a “U” turn at the next appropriate location.

The restaurant is about three or four blocks from the InterAmerican Highway on the right. There is ample parking around the restaurant.

The restaurant interior is simple, clean and gives you a casual feel.

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What A Great Day!

I was reviewing some of the old material I had posted in my first blog to get an idea of how live has changed. Life is definitely different and each new day brings new great adventures.

We have had some good rains this week and I always enjoy them. I came across a poem I had written in 1993 that I recall was following a nice rain.

It amazes me that, if you have the right perspective and live in the moment, you can be happy no matter what is going on around you. Sometimes it just requires that you to take in your surroundings with a positive outlook.

Here is the poem. It is in the poem area, but seems appropriate for today.

I give you Thank You Jimmy Buffett.

Now go out and have a nice day and tell those you love how much they mean to you. I plan on doing just that.

It’s not cellulite, it’s my body’s way of saying “I’m sexy” …in braille.

Sometimes you have to burn a few bridges just to keep the crazies from following you.