Yesterday Was A Great Day

It was a wonderful reminder of how lucky I am to be surrounded by people that love me and not by people that are only motivated by money. They are never happy, no matter how much they have, and they seem to drag down everyone around them.

It seems like some external power has always been looking out for me and when I was in need, the need was fulfilled with abundance. In one case, my need was to share life with a wonderful person and at a time when I needed someone most, Lilliam was magically placed into my life.

I fully believe this was Karma at its best. You get what you deserve. I have always believed in fairness, but when confronted with greed and meanness, I have been known to take a hard stand and let Karma take over.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday Was A Great Day

  1. Hope was the last thing getting out of Pandora’s box. Karma, well I hope there is karma although there are so many wrongs without consequence…
    Your observation about the placement of values on the material without ever arriving to happiness is JUST so right. Can’t love something that can’t love you back.

  2. Don Ray, you do so much for other people, good Karma will always be with you. Now you have double good Karma as you have Lilliam in your life. Lovely lady, lovely man. Thank you for helping us naive expats as much as you do. My continued respect to you.

  3. Great post and good to hear. My bride of 40+ years is still my greatest treasure. Money is hardly ever the answer, Bill Gates can’t be 4 billion times happier than me. 🙂
    jim and nena
    “for better, or Fort Worth”

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