Mi Tierra Colombiana Restaurante

We have been to a restaurant that is new to us, but has actually been open over a year in David. It is called “Mi Tierra Colombiana Restaurante”. As the name implies. it is a Colombian restaurant.


There are many ways to get there, but I am only going to describe one. If you are on the InterAmerican Highway, going East, then you would turn right at the street directly across from IFARHU. If you are going West on the InterAmerican Highway, you are going to have to make a “U” turn at the next appropriate location.

The restaurant is about three or four blocks from the InterAmerican Highway on the right. There is ample parking around the restaurant.

The restaurant interior is simple, clean and gives you a casual feel.

I took a couple photos of the menu to give you an ides of what they offer.






I had a lemonade. They brought some complimentary platanos, which Lilliam really liked.

Lilliam and I both had fried shrimp. She had it with fried yucca and gave me a taste. I actually liked the yucca better than my French fries, which were good also.

On a second visit, we ordered and shared a combination plater with various sauces.

I realized I had not posted this when we were getting ready to go there today for lunch. It is one of the few restaurants that is open on Sunday and Lilliam was wanting a bowl of soup today.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

7 thoughts on “Mi Tierra Colombiana Restaurante

  1. Hi…you guys gotta try ” sancocho de costilla” and ” picada”, really yummy…mmmm…you guys could die…delicious!!!

  2. During the week their “comida del dia” is usually wonderful and draws quite an afternoon crowd. This restaurant is clean, efficient, tasty, friendly attentive service, airconditioned & a bargain. They also sell some pretty nice hand crafts as well. They are in the back corner so you´ll know. We just happened to notice one day at a girls out luncheon, very low pressure sales.

  3. This type of Colombian restaurant are becoming very popular in Panama lately. The food is good, delicious and not so expensive. Last time I ate with my family at one Colombian restaurant of this class in Panama City it was such an experience.

    No wonder why the number one expats population in Panama are our neighbors from Colombia.

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