Apple WWDC Announcements

If you are not a techie at heart, you may not have paid any attention to Apple’s WWDC that is going on. This is the World Wide Developers Conference, where Apple announces upcoming hardware, software and development kits for developers to use to create new products.

As you may remember, when the iPad came out, I re-entered the world of Apple. At the same time I bought an Apple Mac Mini to connect to a large screen TV for movie streaming.

However, my main PC was a very powerful Gateway running Windows 7. I loved that system too, but soon having different technologies made it more difficult to keep my contact lists up to date and moving information from one device to another.

I bit the bullet and bought an iMac and it replaced my desktop. I had thought if the need arose, I would just add Windows to the system, since it has a built-in feature to dual boot into Windows. To this point, I have never found the need to buy Windows, but that always remains a backup plan.

The same problem of keeping my contacts up to date across devices caused me to move from a Samsung phone running the old Windows Mobil. I got a iPhone 4s from Claro and I never knew what I had been missing.

It acts as a backup camera if i forget to take my main “carry around” camera. If I meet someone and need to add a new phone number or email address, I can do it while I am out, and when i get home it is already updated on my iMac.

I can create reminders and all devices have them. I can take a photo on the iPhone and it is available on all other iDevices.

This seamless integration is really amazing. So with the latest WWDC, I had to watch the Keynote Address on the Apple Website.

They announced a new Apple laptop, updated other laptops. They demoed the Mountain Lion OSX that comes out in July for $19.99 as well as IOS 6 that is coming out. I think it is the most interesting Apple Keynote I have watched and I thought it lost nothing by Jobs not being there, other than missing his charismatic person.

The only disappointing thing for me in these announcements is that the original iPad is not going to run the new IOS 6.

Luckily, my Mac Mini and my iMac will soon be upgraded to Mountain Lion and the iPhone 4s will be upgraded to IOS 6.

My iPad still does what I need at the moment. However, some of the features make me want to move forward. iPad 2 owners and up are OK. It is just we owners of the original iPad that will be missing out.

I keep telling myself that I should order a SDK (System Developer Kit) and play around with writing some apps. Who knows. I may do that one of these days when things start being boring.

I really liked the statement that Tim Cook made when he closed the address. He said something along the lines of, “The the products we make, combined with apps you make can fundamentally change the world. I can’t think of a better reason to get up in the morning”.

Improving the world, helping someone in need of help, brightening someone’s day with a smile, a friendly pat on the back. We can all do our part even if it won’t have the impact that Apple has and is making.

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