Its That Time Again

In fact, it was a little past time for me to go see my dentist. As a result, I had a couple pockets that had formed and will have to return in a couple months to have them treated again.

I know I probably need to go in every 3 months or 4 at the most and this time I waited 6 months. Dra. Miriam took care of me with her usual skill and my mouth is once again kissably fresh.

Lilliam will be happy to hear that.

2 thoughts on “Its That Time Again

  1. I am a dental hygienist in VA, so it is good that you are going to return in few months and that they treat those pockets LOL (I know a lot of DDS’s are trained in States,etc but even so, it’s just great to read that they know what they are doing)! Don’t put this off because as you probably know, the health of your gingival tissue (gums) is linked to all kinds of things in the rest of your body! Have a happy day! I just couldn’t resist commenting (since I have been a full time hygienist since 1985 and am so ready to retire to Panama!).

  2. That is the primary reason I go to Dra. Miriam. She does a good job taking care of my gums (and nagging me to floss better).

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