An Evening At Mosto Bistro

Last Wednesday, Lilliam and I had an enjoyable evening with friends of ours at Mosto Bistro. We arrived about 8:00 PM and I realized that this was also the opening night of an art exhibition.

I hadn’t taken my camera, because I had intended to just have an enjoyable evening out with none of the normal distractions I usually cause by taking photos. The best laid plans…

I did get to see my friend, Lucy Molina who owns Viajes Crisol, and she introduced me to the artist with the exhibition.

Antonio Singh was there and La Prensa was taking photos of the event. We had chosen the right night to go out. There would be good food, interesting art, lively conversation and a glass of wine, or two or maybe more.

As always, the food was outstanding. I did take three photos. I need to carry my camera on all occasions to take photos, because a cell phone is just not as good. Not bad in an emergency, but still not as good.

The four photos I took were of complimentary bread and condiments, Lilliam’s salad, which came in a carved out bread bowl, the stuffed Yucca appetizer, and my pork rib plate. I would have take more photos, but it isn’t easy with a fork in one hand and a camera in the other.

What a great time we had. If you haven’t tried Mosto Bistro since they have moved, you are missing out.

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