Who Ya Gonna Call?

I received the following email and photos from a long time reader and friend, the David Shopping Diva (aka DSD). In subsequent conversations, we have mutually asked, in a situation such as this, who should you call? Perhaps another CC reader has the answer. In the mean time I will share a typical situation one runs into when living in Panama. Thanks to DSD for sharing.

On Saturday, May 5th (about 6 pm) we were heading downtown for a bite to eat.   As we were approaching the Parque de las Madres, I noted something unusual at the intersection of Avenida Obaldia and Via Porras – the new traffic lights were lit up.   All of them.    At the same time.

A driver’s dilemma.    Well, not for all of the drivers – the taxistas continued to drive with their usual ‘flair’ and speed.   I used caution going thru the intersection, which elicited the usual chorus of honking horns.

Our friends remarked on “the things you see when you don’t have a camera”… well, we did have one with us, so we turned around and took these pics.   The focus is not the sharpest, but you definitely get the idea of the situation.    When we were returning home later that evening, the lights on Obaldia seemed back in sync, but on Via Porras at Avenida 3ra Oeste the lights were flashing between red & green every 5 seconds.   Much honking of horns once again.  We really hope there were no crashes or injuries.


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  1. Back when Hurricane Wilma tore through Fort Lauderdale with 125+ mph winds and took out the electricity and downed most of the traffic lights an interesting thing happened. It was stressed on all the media that people needed to regard ALL intersections as four-way stops. And you know what? People did it. Even on the main intersections everyone stopped and let others go and what was REAL surprising was that the traffic actually flowed better than when it was electronically controlled. It took nearly two weeks before the traffic lights were back on and then people started running through red lights and T-boning one another just like before the storm.

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