Bocas Has A Winner

If you are a sports enthusiast and live in Panama, then you may have followed the Panama baseball championships. It was quite a ride, but Bocas pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.

I stayed up last night until the last out. The game finished at 2AM this morning after getting a late start in Santiago because of rain. I was afraid that Panama Metro was going to be the winner after they had a large scoring inning, but Bocas came through.

This was the first major victory for Bocas in 51 years. I bet that there were many in Bocas that didn’t sleep a wink last night.

Baseball in Panama is really a fun event. Watching it on TV is different than in the states as well. The camera men have a knack of zooming in on the crowd and for some reason, the portion of the crowd that they focus on is the lovely ladies of Panama.

Those being photographed seem to enjoy it as well because they always smile, dance and show off their finer features.

I was a little late in getting up this morning, and I am still feeling the effect of the late game.

There was a first for me during this game. This was the first game I can ever remember that was having fog starting to obscure the area toward the end of the game. For a while I thought it might be so bad that the outfielders would not be able to see a fly ball. Interesting watching baseball in Panama.

I keep promising myself to go to one of the local games. So much to do. So little time.

7 thoughts on “Bocas Has A Winner

  1. This game was a roller coaster for some fans of both teams. Emotions along the game was intense. I also stay late at night or early this morning watching the game but I wanted to see the end of the game and see people from Bocas happy and celebrating this championship after 51 years.

  2. Yes, the fans involved themselves in the game. It is funny to see people playing music and dancing. People from Bocas with their african heritage dance with intensive movements and people from Panama Metro jump and dance vigorously under their music tunes.

    Panama’s sport is baseball definitively.

  3. Don, we invite you to join us for a game(s) next year. We love going to our local stadium and cheering for Chiriqui. Great unhealthy food to eat there, too!

  4. My late BIL was a full-blown baseball fan. We have a city ball field behind our house and I built bleachers for him to watch from. We took in several Rangers games and he was completely absorbed in the games. He watched several games on TV and if the SAP channel wasn’t available, I would tune in one of the many Spanish radio stations here for simulcast. Great times.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  5. I followed all the games but couldn’t find out when this game was to be played since it was originally rained out. Can anyone tell me the score?


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