It’s Late – And may not be worth it.

I was asked recently if I was going to post the photos of the 2012 David Fair. I had about decided not to post, but since I was asked, I will post them.

I will put all photos taken in a gallery at the end of this post.

I must admit, that I didn’t enjoy this year’s fair much. I went earlier in the afternoon than I should have and it was exceptionally hot. I mean really hot. My intention was to get there around 2:00 PM and stop in the Dairy Queen and have a chili dog, relax and really hit the fair around 3:00 PM.

As often, in Panama, what I think I can do, never quite works out that way. For some reason, DQ decided not to open until 3:00 PM and I had an extra hour in the sun. Not only that, but Lilliam had told me we were going too early, so I got a little “I told you so” as well.

Prior to the photo gallery, I will make a few general comments about the fair.

The fair attendance was lower than expected and I expect it was as a result of the protests that had been going on. I was also told that there was a higher number of “maleantes” from outside Chiriquí and many from outside Panama.

The fair always attracts pickpockets and it is an easy place to loose a wallet or a camera, etc.

While we were talking to a friend of Lilliam’s, that always has her ceramics on display, I learned that a day or so before that was a shooting just outside the main entrance. Most of the real rowdiness occurs in the even and night hours, when the beer is flowing and the music is at ear splitting levels. I have always avoided going at night.  By the way, if you are looking for some nice ceramics, check out the post I did of her business in Dolega.

I did see a high level of police while I was there and I expect there is more at night.

Normally, I have provided more of a narration on my visit to the fair. You will see similar photos to past years in the following gallery.

8 thoughts on “It’s Late – And may not be worth it.

  1. As I jhad planned to go to the fair , but didnt make it…this was good! Now I really didnt miss it ,as i saw it here, without the heat!

  2. Don Ray:
    Thanks for the pictures. My relationship with the Feria de David goes way back. This is the event that gave me my first paid job, at 15 yo, collecting the tickets to enter the fair, paying $60 for 10 days in the late 80’s. I also worked other years managing the skating rink before the fair, even painting the buildings, stands, barns, etc beginning in January, then working the 10 days of the fair right after, now assisting one of the supervisors of the box office/ticket collection crew. In college, I will drive new cars to be shown in the fair, from Panama city to David before the fair, and back after. Fond memories of this event I have and every year I wish I could visit again. The last time I went was in 1990!

  3. Hi Jaime. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have always enjoyed going to the fair. This was the first that was not fun for me. Maybe it is my getting older and the effect that the heat had on me this year. Maybe it was not having the cervesa you always recommend I get. 🙂

  4. Ha..ha! I agree Don Ray, maybe a cold “Panama” or “Soberana” (no Atlas or Balboa, please) would have helped to keep you fresh. Also, to clarify, I was 15 yo in 1979, I wrongly say “late 80’s” on my comment, it should have said “late 70’s” The last time I drove cars to the fair was in 1987. That year we also moved cars form Panama city to Penas Blancas in Nicaragua. What an adventure!

  5. I recently read your post about super replicas the company. I was wondering If you ever saw a finished car, because I am interested in the company. By the way cool fair, it looks really fun!

  6. First time I’ve viewed a series of your photos in a few months. Very nice…vertical lines are vertical…horizontal lines are horizontal. Were these taken with your point & click or the Panasonic?

    My boys had a great time although they didn’t do any of the rides because I didn’t trust the equipment safety controls. This was my first trip to the David fair. For me…I enjoyed this fair more than the Texas State Fair but the heat sure kicked my backside.

  7. The photos of the Fair were taken with the Panasonic. Most now will be the Sony. If I were honest, the Sony is really all I need. I am really pleased with the new camera.

    I may have bought my last camera, unless I drop another in the drink. I would like to have a longer telephoto, but at the moment I have other areas for my mad money.

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