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One Smile Can make your day

What a Smile!

You may remember that Tom McCormack is helping a special young lady named Sissi. On his last trip here, Tom brought a Dell Laptop for Sissi to use to connect to the Internet and the world.

He asked my help in getting it set up to run wireless. It is an older PC, still in like new condition, and does not have built in WIFI capability or ethernet connectivity. For both it requires special PCMCIA cards for both of those connectivities.

I got the laptop configured a while back, but just now was able to schedule time with Sissi’s mom to present her with the laptop. We met at El Rey super market and I gave some instructions to Patti, Sissi’s mom and told them if they had any problems when they got it home to give me a call and I would come over and help them.

I took a photo of Sissi, who had waited in the taxi, receiving the laptop. You can’t help but feel good when you see one of Sissi’s smiles. Click on the photo to see it in a larger view.

Tom has updated his website. To learn more about his work and the assistance he has and continues to provide families in Chiriquí, go HERE. Sissi is a perfect example of his efforts with special needs children. Tom is currently working with the Shriner organization for a future operation for Sissi to allow her to gain use of her legs. For a previous post on Sissi, go HERE.


Every time I take up exercising I meet new people. They’re usually paramedics, but still, new people.

Talking to me in the morning is like trying to dribble a ball with not enough air in it.

Wife: “See that devoted couple? He kisses her every time they meet. Why don’t you do that?” Husband: “I don’t know her well enough”.

To be Old and Wise, you must first be Young and Stupid.

Potrerillos Public Safety Message

Potrerillos has no crimes to report however this is no time to let your guard down, please stay alert.

Some interesting news from our friends at the National Police. The National Police is implementing a new grid system which divides the whole of Panama into sectors. With that they are slowly moving towards more permanent assignments of Officers. This means that they will assign individual Officers to sectors permanently instead of regularly rotating them around. Permanent assignments will create better continuity which allows individual officers to be more effective in their areas of assignment. Hopefully we will receives a batch of dedicated Officers who will integrate into our communities and stay awhile. In the States Officers are required to live in the same community in which they serve, a practice that Panama slowly adopting.

According to the Police the new grid system or “sectors” as they are called will enhance the management of Police, Fire, EMS, Boarder Protection, Immigration, Health Department Education and just about every function of the Panamanian Government. In our area that includes the “District of Dolega we are assigned “Sector K-A-24”. This is important because if you are trying to describe where you are located to a “911” Operator in Panama City who is unfamiliar with “Potrerillos, District of Dolega” you can tell them “Sector K-A-24”. Continue reading Potrerillos Public Safety Message

I finally hit my stride. It was in the driveway and I backed over it.

Clínica de Especialidades Odontológicos

Shopping for a new smile? Lilliam ran into a friend of hers (Dra. Fabiola Fernandez de Taboada) that has opened a new orthodontia clinic in David. The name of the clinic is Clínica de Especialidades Odontológicos and its website can be found HERE and has a wealth of information in Spanish.

We went by to see the clinic. It is a very modern clinic and it also is providing training in orthodontia.

It is located off Miguel Brenes. When driving south on Brenes, turn right on the street just past the church. On the left you will see the clinic that is in the photo above.

If you stop by the clinic, tell Dra. Fabiola that you heard about the clinic on Chiriquí Chatter.

Mirrors don’t lie. Lucky for me, they can’t laugh either.