San Martin Church – Un Diá Tipico

Yesterday when Lilliam and I went to church, I noticed that some people were dressed in typical Panamanian dress of old. Lilliam said that it was a special day and the church was having “Un diá tipico” including typical dress along with food after the service. One of the reasons for a day such as this is to pass on the Panamanian traditions to the youth of Panama.

Luckily I now have my “with me all the time” camera.

When I entered the church, I could tell that the choir singing had a more Panamanian style to it, both in instrument and singing. I took one photo of the choir and recorded a few seconds of the choir prior to taking my seat.

Father Juan Carlos came to this church several years ago and brought with him a youthful and joyous spirit that has really invigorated the church. I always enjoy seeing him and his interaction with everyone. He always has a smile and firm handshake. He also has a good voice that he shares when any song fills the air. While I am not Catholic, I enjoy attending church with Lilliam.

As I said, the day included Panamanian dress. This young lady was a real cutie. Notice the tembleques in her hair. Her second photo shows what a beautiful young lady she is going to grow into.

Here is a short, two part, video of the choir. The first few seconds are prior to the service and the second and longer part after the service was over.

Following the service, everyone adjourned to the area that had the food. The album below has several photos of the typical dress and one of one of the food serving areas. It was a great time filled with music, friends, family and food. All photos in this post may be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail.

6 thoughts on “San Martin Church – Un Diá Tipico

  1. Don Ray,
    Agradecidos por el “detalle” de informarle al mundo lo que humildemente realizamos en nuestra parroquia, en especial cuando este año celebramos el 50 aniversario de la Canonización de Nuestro Santo Patrono. Damos gracias a Dios y le pedimos nos colme de los dones que este humilde Santo poseia.
    Nuevamente gracias
    Secretaria Parroquial

  2. Is there a Martin de Porras church in Panama City? I may be able to return to Panama in the spring and would very much like to attend that church if there is one. I know I will not make it to Chiriqui, though I would very much like to.

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