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  1. Greetings from a 65 yr.old.- am shopping for a country-been in Santa Barbara, California TOO LONG. The “packed her bag” story is a joke, right? I guess I don’t get it. Or perhaps this is the true story of how you wound up in rural Panama without your wife….Maybe you had no luggage of your own. Never mind. I’m considering northern Mexico; my friends might drop in cuz its close to USA. Am afraid of tropics: Belize and Puerto Rico made my skin feel queer after one week. I perceive that you have good internet in David…a plus. Anything else to do? Is there a bank? Silly me, of course there is. ….And lots of drinkable pure water ? Where else have you seen. YOu don’t have to write if you don’t want… SeeYa bye, Kathy

  2. Yes, it was a joke. Each day I try to have a “one liner” to most.

    David has just about everything a person could need. Spend a little more time with past posts and you should get a fair idea of how I pass my time here. My Internet connection runs at 4mb and is satisfactory for watching movies.

    I always advise folks thinking abut living in Panama to spend at least 6 months here. You have to understand the difference between the rainy and dry seasons.

    For any specific questions, my email is listed on the right side of the blog.

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