The May Volcan Town Meeting Notice…


The monthly Volcan Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 at our NEW VENUE in Volcan. We will be meeting at the Artesanal Mercadero just up across on the right hand side from the Police Station and across the street from the old Catholic Church on the road going to Cerra Punto. Our Meeting will start at 10 AM. There is ample parking. We encourage those who wish more comfort to bring their own chairs as plastic seating is available.

Last month, we introduced Mr. Julian Marchildon. He is an owner of the International Gold Bullion Trading Corporation here in Panama.  Many investors in precious metals have been seeking such a service of buying and selling gold and silver in this country. Julian shared with us his expertise in these markets and the increasing popularity of owning precious metals as a hedge against U.S. Dollar inflation. The fiscal policy of the United States will not change fundamentally in the foreseeable future in inflating its currency. This is why that gold and silver offer protection in being able to keep value as demonstrated in the 500% increase in the price of gold in the last ten years. This is twice as much as the “real” inflation rate, plus the combined performance of savings rates and stock market funds, over the same period. Town Meeting has been prescient in its suggestion of having gold or silver in your savings portfolio to protect against dollar inflation. Every year for some time now, we have had one or more Meetings to address this topic. We will continue to do so as this topic is quite relevant to those in the Ex-Pat Community who use dollars.

This month, we will feature Mr. Lee Zeltzer. He will present “Internet 101.” Internet 101 is a simple presentation for non-tech folks on how to do basic computer trouble shooting and the use of the Internet. Mr. Zeltzer will discuss such things as doing a trace-route, using ping, and utilizing proxy servers to mimic being in another country to enhance computer security and privacy. He will talk about specific programs such as the use of Skype, email and web browsers. Internet 101 is imperative for those who operate a computer, pad or smart phone. You don’t have to be an expert to learn. However, if you are an expert, you are also invited to attend and participate in further discussion and questions.

Mr.  Zeltzer is uniquely qualified to discuss this and other computer use matters as he was an owner and senior consultant of a computer company that designed and implemented data networks in Arizona, California, Nevada and Sonora, Mexico for more than ten years. Mr. Zeltzer, in addition, taught Data Networking at Pima Community College and the University of Arizona Extended University for nearly a decade. He has started several websites or blogsites in Panama and can advise those interested in the same. We are looking forward to this professional presentation and you will find it most informative no matter your level of computer expertise.

We will also have our News Topics feature in keeping folks informed of new laws, proposed legislation and other recent developments being implemented by decision makers in the United States, Panama and around the world which may very well make changes in your life and lifestyle, no matter where you live. Specifically, we will make a presentation on  the recent spate of “smash and grab” car robberies in the area particularly centered at the Terronal Plaza in David. We will share the current “modus operandi” of such criminal activity and offer suggestions on how to minimize your risk in being victimized. The most recent subject of these robberies was an American retiree who lost several thousand dollars. We also wish to update those interested with new information in the prospect of having a Second Passport by participating in foreign citizenship programs. There are two fairly new locales with reasonable costs offering such programs along with other countries looking to provide similar benefits. American citizens are finding it increasingly difficult to open foreign bank accounts because of the information demands and cash control laws taking effect. A generation ago, it was an esteemed privilege to be an American citizen and a status coveted by much of the world. Nowadays, some Americans are feeling that they are becoming pariahs in living outside of the United States.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 at our venue at the Artesanal Mercadero and look forward to your participation. If you have any questions, or wish further information, please email at

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