As The World Turns

It is interesting to see how some things play out in this life journey we undertake. I have met a lot of amazing people through this blog. I have met many through the Embassy. I have also met some that were a little shady and not the type I want to have a real association with. An example is Dr. James, who was a Chiriquí Chatter reader who has become silent.

My first encounter with Dr. james was when he sent me a writeup for a new restaurant in David called Ali Baba. I thought it was well written and might help the restaurant get going, so I posted it. He even sent me his photo to include in his writeup.

However, my posting his writeup must have bolstered his need for fame so he decided to take on several blogs with more verbose comments. His series of comments on Gallardos Steak Restaurant turned into too much confrontation for me.

I finally told him that if he wanted to be a commenter on the blog, he needed to change his ID and style of comments, because I didn’t want any more disruption. He tried several more comments, which I never posted, because he would always refer back to his old ID and was not willing to start clean.

The other day, Lucy commented that the good Dr. had been arrested in Texas.

This morning Joe did more research on the good doctor’s activities after reading lucy’s comment.

What Joe said at the end of his comment, has merit to discuss a little. He wrote

I have heard up to 40% of North Americans in Panama are running from something.

I am not sure where Joe got that number, but I don’t doubt it. That puts a much larger responsibility on the other 60% of the Americans that come to Panama in hopes of living a tranquil life.

I think it always takes some time for a foreigner to be accepted in a new area. There are so many negatives that come from the changes which occur due to population growth, such as price increases, that individual behavior reflects on all of us.

I personally take that responsibility seriously. That is why I try to greet all cashers at the super markets and tell them to have a nice day (Que tenga un buen dia) when I leave. I try to tip all of the bagboys (they work only for tips and are not paid by PriceSmart of the supermarkets).

The baggage we carry because of the U.S. Panama Invasion, Wild Bill, and types like Dr. James, will require thought and effort to over come.

Thank goodness for the Tom McCormacks that help to give a little good press.

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  1. Any indication of the crime for which he was arrested? I think it’s valuable to know exactly what kind of scoundrels may be among us.

  2. Sir, the comment about “40% are running from something” is today if not true, it’s an understatement. Apparently you are not fully aware what has happened in AmeriKa these past 10 years or so. Most of the Expats that I know who have migrated here and to other countries have left bcoz of the loss of their Rights, the gutting of the Constitution and the economic crash. To me these are all valid reasons for leaving today.

    With the NDAA, obamacare, the FBI Black List, tracking devices all over, no more privacy with anything, “Preppers” being targeted as “Domestic Terrorists” and recently CIPSA and other Rights smashing laws being passed by the criminals in DC who BTW, always seem to exempt themselves from those laws, the turn to a socialistic state and the transfer of wealth crap via hidden taxes. All seem to me to be valid reasons to escape while you still can. BTW, you can’t take it with you anymore. Besides the exit tax of around 50% if they catch you moving money or valuables over $5K they just take it from you, never to be seen in your lifetime again.

    You have a bought and paid for government today that only represents themselves and not the people. You are gonna have another rigged election with monkeyboy the winner again, which will continue the sellout of the country resulting in the total collapse thus enslaving the remaining folks to labor for the Bilderberg, CFR, UN and Trilats. The dream life has ended and only a total Revolution can win back the Country.

    The criminals in DC know this, hence the Russian troops are going to be training here in “Urban Warfare Tactics” fighting “Domestic Terrorists”. WTF is happening???? Geez the AmeriKan people are stupid. They are to blame for what has happened. They just let the criminal elite in DC take over and allow the “government for pay” to grow.

    Sorry….had to vent a bit. AmeriKas only hope is to elect Ron Paul. But you see what the media turds did to him.

    Have a nice day and enjoy what freedoms you have left here in Panama bcoz they are slowly coming to an end as well.


  3. Another day in the ‘burbs, Don Ray (Nena refers to you as “Don Don” aka Sir Don. I agree.)

    The good doctor labelled me as a sociopath because of my responses to him. Not saying he wasn’t correct but llamando a la olla del caldero negro. haha

    What I can’t quite understand is why a fugitive with such a distinctive name would continue to use it everywhere?

    I would add to your final comment: Thank goodness for the Don Rays of the world!
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  4. I’d like to respond to Mr. Jim F.’s comments. That our world has become more complicated, and its issues so much more encompassing, will never, ever excuse such contemptible language as ‘monkeyboy’. You have succinctly identified not only the narrow parameters of your own intellect, but also the endemic cultural failings which will continue to plague polite discourse for as long as such despicable characterizations are considered to be somehow within the regular boundaries of polite exchanges of opinion.

    We could be discussing systems analysis, hubris, and the trends of entropy, but it would appear that critical understanding exists beyond the limits of your myopic viewpoint. How sad for you that this world has not turned in the direction that you would demand. Thank you for illuminating intrinsic human frailties so glaringly yet again.


  5. Well Jim F. Look at it this way. If you were God and wanted to take down a country steeped in sin more and more every day, What better way could it get done than by allowing someone like Obama to get elected!

  6. Yes, move to Panama to escape the all sinfulness and socialist agendas in the U.S.

    Or…maybe just because you’re a wingnut.

    I’m gonna guess that Panama has 40% more nutty expats than any other nation.
    Just a guess based on anecdotal experience, but hey, who doesn’t like to have fun with statistics?

  7. My guess would be that a lot more than 40% of the gringos living in Panama are running from something: cold weather, high property taxes, hetic lifestyle in the USA, lack of adventure in their retirement years, etc.

  8. “All my exes live in Texas ,thats why I hang my hat in Tennessee”….many reasons to move elsewhere…
    I once moved from Sweden to Texas , because of the socilaist state Sweden had become , plus the high taxes and cold weather there….Texas isnt as cold , but its colder than Panama….I can count the same reasons again for another move.

  9. Wow…Dav…talk about myopic pseudo intellect running rampant. You have got to be a bought and paid for lackey of the criminal elite in DC. Only that type of person would defend the abuses of recent and current criminal, treasonous gov’t. administrations.

    One day Dav, I pray that you see the light and finally understand how they have usurped your intelligence and imposed a program of rebuttals to any and all legitimate ideas and/or statements. Your naivete about the world situation is astonishing in its glowing absurdity.

    May you find the correct course in life and bring to yourself inner peace.

    Enjoy life…..Jim

  10. Jim
    I could not disagree with your characterizations of the USA more. Perhaps things are not as good as they used to be or to your likings but they certainly aren’t heading for the big train wreck as you imply. The stability of the USA has always fluctuated up and down but it was with true paitrisum and hard working Americans that have always restored our high standard and morals that we as are known for in America. I also disagree with your assertion that 40% of us from the USA are deviant and running. That is B/S and appears that you are the only one who fails to understand that. You are entitled to your opinions however your obvious lack or patriotic values places you right in the middle of your own assessments. BTY what are you running from?

  11. 1st let me correct you….I never said expats were “deviant and running.” So get it straight. 2nd. Apparently you have not kept up with current events in your AmeriKa. I don’t have the time nor the need to educate you on what has/is happening there.

    As long as you choose to live in your make believe world then all is good with me. You are what you are!!!! Oblivious, jumps to mind, but I’ll keep that to myself.

    I’m off for a nap…..TTYL


  12. I have heard up to 40% of North Americans in Panama are running from something.
    Jimmy Buffet had it down in his song “Down in the Banana Republic”

    Some of them are running from lovers
    Leaving no forward address
    Some of them are running tons of ganja
    Some are running from the IRS

  13. And your point is….what??? In my world…nobody cares what you did yesterday. It’s who you are today and if you are trying to screw me over or not.

    Take care n roll’m tight!!!!


  14. Jim,

    Lighten up a little and see if you can use your spell checker. When you write AmeriKa, instead of America, it makes you come across as a troll.

    I am sure you don’t want appear crass. I appreciate comments, but yours are starting to appear confrontational to me.

  15. I moved here for one reason, and one reason only, because I
    wanted to. I reached that decision based on where I could live
    more comfortable after retirement.
    Having been here now,going on 15yrs, adapatability is the key
    for me being happy. Everyone have a good evening.

  16. “82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” Think about THAT, the next time someone throws an unsubstantiated percentage at you.

  17. I don’t want to comment on the % of criminality of my North American expat friends,but, I am wondering if this fellow joins the long list of foreign business owners who thinks he/she can legally work in Panama. Even if you open a corporation your not allowed to with without a permit from the Depatment of Labor…. There not easy to get. I have seen dozens of establishments where gringos are running them and need to be turned in.. Maybe this resturant needs a visit…………..SV

  18. I do not know what restaurant you are referring to. This post was about Dr. James.

    If you are referring to Ali Baba, Dr. james had no association with the restaurant ( other than he wrote a review about it) and it is not American owned.

  19. Bobbie, thnx for the hearty laff………..that was classic, and the highlight of this entire discussion, hahahaha………….

  20. Yogi Berra was the champ at percentages:

    Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.
    In golf, 80% of the balls that don’t reach the hole, don’t go in.

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  21. Some clarification on the “40%” number.

    This comment is one that I was told by a retired U.S. Military officer living here. He is an American who was born in the Canal Zone and has lived here a substantial part of his life particularly after his retirement from the military service. He speaks Spanish fluently. He attributed his remark to an authoritative source in Panama who we all know well.

    I do not know if this comment is accurate or not. It just something that I heard
    from someone who I think is a creditable source and a pillar in the community in which he lives. But after being here nearly five years, I don’t doubt it either.

  22. I have long said most of the Ex-Pats are running from something. That is the reason ex-pats use only their first name. If it isn’t you it’s the person you are speaking to.

  23. @”Bob r” LOL Maybe we have a good reason to not use our real names. Not bcoz we’re “running” from something like you imply. Maybe bcoz its for our own security!!! Maybe bcoz we don’t trust the government here and back in AmeriKa. But hey if you want to be a target…be my guest. If you have to ask “a target for what?”, you may need to go back to your AmeriKa and look around to see what has happened there recently.

    Good Luck, “BoB r” !!! LMAO

  24. Didn’t Shakespeare say something along the line of “the evil we do live after us, while the good is oft interred with our bones”.

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