Clínica de Especialidades Odontológicos

Shopping for a new smile? Lilliam ran into a friend of hers (Dra. Fabiola Fernandez de Taboada) that has opened a new orthodontia clinic in David. The name of the clinic is Clínica de Especialidades Odontológicos and its website can be found HERE and has a wealth of information in Spanish.

We went by to see the clinic. It is a very modern clinic and it also is providing training in orthodontia.

It is located off Miguel Brenes. When driving south on Brenes, turn right on the street just past the church. On the left you will see the clinic that is in the photo above.

If you stop by the clinic, tell Dra. Fabiola that you heard about the clinic on Chiriquí Chatter.

5 thoughts on “Clínica de Especialidades Odontológicos

  1. Morning Don,

    A lot of us that follow your site are not from David and are unfamiliar with the street names of your fair city. Could you please tell me where Brenes street/ave is. Sorry for my ignorance…Gene

  2. Miguel Brenes is the street that goes by Super 99, McDonalds, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. The church is further past the Mitsubishi dealer on the right.

  3. I need infomation about visiting Panama for a 10 day vacation. We are considering late October but worry about wet days. I would like to split my time in Panama seeing the canal then moving toward David and Chiriqui. I hate to take your time being a tour guide but don’t know where else to begin.

    Late last year I had some email addresses for rentals, etc. but a computer malfunction took care of my contacts.

    Would you be so kind to adise?

  4. Mr. Don Ray.

    The street that you actually described like: “Calle Brenes” is very well known by the taxi drivers and most people in David as: Calle F. Sur. And in the case of the church, its name is: Inglesia del Carmen.

    I hope this can help you and your readers also.

    Thank you very Much.


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