Magic Jack Final Effort

In some previous posts, I wrote about my problems in buying international time on my Magic Jack. If you are not acquainted with magic Jack, it is a product that allows you to make unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada for a mere $30 a year. I use if frequently and it has save me a bundle.

Other than the problems mentioned above, I really have no complaint with Magic Jack, but I want this problem fixed.

I finally decided to try to resolve the problem once again. While doing some Internet searches, I stumbled upon a recent review of Magic Jack in PC World. While they gave it pretty good ratings, they did mention the difficulty of getting service via the Internet.

At the end of the article was several comments and one was from the owner of Magic Jack. It provided his email address ( and he acknowledged that there was a problem and that he was addressing it. I took advantage of his providing his number and have written him. It will be interesting to see when or if I get a response.

However, in the same article, they mentioned another competing product called NetTalk Duo.

This appears to be an interesting product and I am going to study it more. In looking at its website, in some regards it may be slightly more expensive. However, I see another possibility. It has a plan for unlimited international calls for $120, if I am interpreting it right. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover Costa Rica and Panama, there are 60 countries covered in the plan. Still, $10 a month might be worth it just to have unlimited calls to China for Lilliam.

Here is a feature comparison with its competitors, including Magic Jack.

That is the problem with providing poor customer service. People start shopping around and they may find a reason to switch providers. Oh, did I mention that I can transfer my existing Magic Number to NetTalk? If I don’t hear something soon, I may make the switch.

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  1. These two companies may be the same. I had an issue with MJ the other day and they have people to talk to now. MJ also has an upgrade but I didn’t see any advantage to it – it’s called MJ-Plus.

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