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San Martin Church – Un Diá Tipico

Yesterday when Lilliam and I went to church, I noticed that some people were dressed in typical Panamanian dress of old. Lilliam said that it was a special day and the church was having “Un diá tipico” including typical dress along with food after the service. One of the reasons for a day such as this is to pass on the Panamanian traditions to the youth of Panama.

Luckily I now have my “with me all the time” camera.

When I entered the church, I could tell that the choir singing had a more Panamanian style to it, both in instrument and singing. I took one photo of the choir and recorded a few seconds of the choir prior to taking my seat.

Father Juan Carlos came to this church several years ago and brought with him a youthful and joyous spirit that has really invigorated the church. I always enjoy seeing him and his interaction with everyone. He always has a smile and firm handshake. He also has a good voice that he shares when any song fills the air. While I am not Catholic, I enjoy attending church with Lilliam.

As I said, the day included Panamanian dress. This young lady was a real cutie. Notice the tembleques in her hair. Her second photo shows what a beautiful young lady she is going to grow into.

Here is a short, two part, video of the choir. The first few seconds are prior to the service and the second and longer part after the service was over.

Following the service, everyone adjourned to the area that had the food. The album below has several photos of the typical dress and one of one of the food serving areas. It was a great time filled with music, friends, family and food. All photos in this post may be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail.

The phrase “Don’t take this the wrong way” has a 0% success rate.

The May Volcan Town Meeting Notice…


The monthly Volcan Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 at our NEW VENUE in Volcan. We will be meeting at the Artesanal Mercadero just up across on the right hand side from the Police Station and across the street from the old Catholic Church on the road going to Cerra Punto. Our Meeting will start at 10 AM. There is ample parking. We encourage those who wish more comfort to bring their own chairs as plastic seating is available.

Last month, we introduced Mr. Julian Marchildon. He is an owner of the International Gold Bullion Trading Corporation here in Panama.  Many investors in precious metals have been seeking such a service of buying and selling gold and silver in this country. Julian shared with us his expertise in these markets and the increasing popularity of owning precious metals as a hedge against U.S. Dollar inflation. The fiscal policy of the United States will not change fundamentally in the foreseeable future in inflating its currency. This is why that gold and silver offer protection in being able to keep value as demonstrated in the 500% increase in the price of gold in the last ten years. This is twice as much as the “real” inflation rate, plus the combined performance of savings rates and stock market funds, over the same period. Town Meeting has been prescient in its suggestion of having gold or silver in your savings portfolio to protect against dollar inflation. Every year for some time now, we have had one or more Meetings to address this topic. We will continue to do so as this topic is quite relevant to those in the Ex-Pat Community who use dollars. Continue reading The May Volcan Town Meeting Notice…

As The World Turns

It is interesting to see how some things play out in this life journey we undertake. I have met a lot of amazing people through this blog. I have met many through the Embassy. I have also met some that were a little shady and not the type I want to have a real association with. An example is Dr. James, who was a Chiriquí Chatter reader who has become silent.

My first encounter with Dr. james was when he sent me a writeup for a new restaurant in David called Ali Baba. I thought it was well written and might help the restaurant get going, so I posted it. He even sent me his photo to include in his writeup.

However, my posting his writeup must have bolstered his need for fame so he decided to take on several blogs with more verbose comments. His series of comments on Gallardos Steak Restaurant turned into too much confrontation for me. Continue reading As The World Turns

My wife says I’m an idiot who can’t do anything right. So I packed her bags and left.

Please make sure you’ve got it before you flaunt it.

Wine improves with age. The older I get, the more I like it.

I got my tax refund yesterday. Now, I’m just trying to decide which vending machine to spend it at.