Robbery in Paso Ancho

I received the following as a comment on the Chiriqui Watch Post. It should have just been entered in the Chiriqui Watch Site. I will enter it. I decided I would also post it as a normal post to get the word out incase some one is propositioned to buy the camera. I am assuming that this was yesterday (March 30, 2012).

just been robbed of my money papers and camera and  what  i   will miss most 3 memorysticks one I think was 4 gig  , one of 12 gig and one realy big  32 gig bite one  full of all the pictures I took  the last 2 and a half months [ finca dracula ,  killing of a pig at a friends house , pictures of   Panama city ,and some  from the vet clinic in Volcan some   files marked Marijke —   camera can be replaced   — if somebody sees a camera in a black  bag  being offered  or   finds memorysticks   just  let me know , I ll ask   serial  nrs to my husband as all the details of the camera back home in  France — last pictures taken   in  Volcan on the road  , just   roadsigns  …  interior   of a house with a lady  standing in front …. 3   pictures of a local little boy in  the panaderia in Volcan  and some pictures in a bar in Paso Ancho by what I rekkon were very unexperienced   young boys  , almost certain not indigenous but  panamanian … called the police who didnt show up  , took a taxi to volcan to report , but only one man in the office who said they were sending somebody  down  tomorrow —oh well  , got a few knocks on the head …. tried to kick  one in his balls , bit nr 2 and   tried to hurt nr  3    by trying to  twist his fingers badly  I  didnt  succeed unfortunately , would have loved to  have broken  some fingers …

thanks for the help …  got some   money left  , not much for the last 3 weeks  of my stay  , not sure how to get papers sorted  ,  guess I ll have to ask the police ,  luckily have doubles of passport and flight tickets in my suitcases

PS  this happened  in Paso Ancho   where  I help out in a school as a volunteer amonghst a lot of other  little  things

marijke taffein

4 thoughts on “Robbery in Paso Ancho

  1. I added it to boquete.ning, Don.
    Seems like a crime wave of violence is hitting Chiriqui. Not good, the cops need to get moving before someone gets killed.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  2. The communities need to get motivated and moving first, second and third followed by the hardworking folks of the National Police. Yes they can and will help but you have the fundamental responsibility to protect yourself and reduce or prevent yourself and your family from becoming a victim. Taking reasonable precautions is just the beginning, a beginning that for reasons that defies common sense is largely not happening. Perhaps you’ve resigned yourself to being a victim. Failure to prepare doesn’t constitute an emergency on the part of everyone ells to bail you out. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

  3. Well, I just warned a panamanian family [, the woman on the passenger seat was hanging out the window taking pictures with an expensive camera , big nikon ,] to make sure her arms werent holding that camera for grabs , as I could have taken it just passing by , the car wouldnt have been able to follow me because it s a very bad road … by the way it was the same road i was robbed on … they just looked as if it was thundering in Germany lol , not even aware her handbag was just inside that open window for grabs too when i told her …

  4. “thundering in Germany”
    Too funny, Marijke! My gramma would be laughing, too.
    Stay safe.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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