Canon Lens Repair Experience in Panama

I have received questions in the past about camera repair in Panama. A friend recently had a Canon Lens repaired and I thought the experience might be of entrust to others.

Canon Repairs–camera, lens, etc.
After problems with an expensive canon SLR lens, I emailed Canon/Panama to check my options.  I was quickly answered by Elzebir Montenegro at  
Ms. Montenegro told me (in Spanish, but English will probably work as well) that I could ship the lens from David to Panama City with a shipper she recommended.
I ended up going to PC on other business and delivered the lens in person.  Canon is next to the Multimax store in Tumba Muerto; your cabbie will find it easily.  I left the lens and got a receipt.
It took several weeks before I heard more.  I was asked to approve the replacement  of internal elements for a cost of $278 (!!, but the lens is worth $1200). I was emailed a credit card  approval form which I printed, filled out, scanned (all on my $40 Canon machine!) and sent.  The lens was finished in 4 days and then shipped overnight to David by Servientregas (775-8593) for an additional $18.
Servientregas is located on the Pan Americana.  Going toward PC, it’s the first big complex on the left past the big Arrocha.  Pull in past the trucks and go to the back.
If you are going to ship to Canon, get your gear professionally packaged.  Servientregas recommended HDL in David (across from Banco General).

In sum, the lens works fine, and I am a happy camper.

4 thoughts on “Canon Lens Repair Experience in Panama

  1. Hi Don,
    Do you know if canon panama has the equipment to check and repair element misalignment, descentering and resolution?

    Much thanks,

  2. Hi Don, can you recommend any good camera retailer in David? I’m looking to purchase an Olympus while in the area.
    Any help appreciated!


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