Potrerillos Public Safety Advisory

I received the following for posting.


There have been 3 violent home invasions in the greater Boquete area within the last 8 or so days.  The latest incident occurs last night 25-MAR-12 in which unknown  perpetrators forced their way into the homes of the victims and brutally beat and robbed them.  It is understood that deadly weapons have been used in at least 2 of the incidents.  The following is the original message communicated on a public community forum in the Boquete area.

“  Another violent home invasion occurred last night, Sunday March 25, and with it was an attempted sexual assault.

If “we” as a community are going to work together to put an end to these types of incidents we will have to to take a proactive role in working together in identifying these violent criminals. Violent home invasions are on the rise throughout the world and the solution is for the community to work together and become our own ” force”, and if that means identifying and following suspicious individuals so be it.

Please get the facts straight about what happened in Florida and do not fall for the media’s portrayal that this was some king of vigilante killing of an innocent person. Below is the link to an article I am in agreement with regarding the circumstances regarding that unfortunate incident.  http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=203898

 As for “the hysteria sweeping through the gun owning population on this website”., I have not seen it. The Panamanian National Police recently made a presentation to a group of residents where they clearly stated that one is within the law to shoot and kill an intruder inside their residence. I agree that with this type of action, resulting in the death of another individual, will come possible legal issues. That is a small price to pay in comparison  to being brutally victimized  and or/ watching my wife or daughter being raped. I am a responsible gun owner who regularly carries a handgun and I do not appreciate the stereotype that “we are a “bunch of seniors siting around in the evening after a couple of drinks and loaded weapons”.

With responsible gun ownership comes appropriate training and proper safety protocols. While I agree that there may be some gun owners who lack the above, it is not appropriate to call for gun restrictions because of the irresponsible actions of a few. This would be the same as calling for the banning of all motor vehicles because someone was killed by a drunk driver.

I will be making a short presentation at Alto al Crimen’s morning meeting at the BCP tomorrow. I will cover available workshops for self defense, protecting against home invasions, and gun safety and weapons training. I will also explain the current gun laws as I understand them and present options for immediately obtaining a legal gun and keeping it in your residence.”


It is time to take a serious look at you personal security and take proactive steps NOW!!  If you live in Potrerillos you are encouraged to immediate contact the Dolega Police @776-0160 and the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Facilitator (see attached Emergency Contact Information attachment) if you are in danger or believe a home invasion is imitate.   Both entities will immediately respond simultaneously if contacted.

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  1. Don,
    Referring us to politicized(stomp on the left) articles is no way to defend against the often bias main stream media. Let´s keep the discussion based in facts. They will come out piece by piece. I have a feeling this case will boil down to two aggressive idiots, one with a gun and one without.

  2. I would also like to add that the reports provided are from other sources and are not a reflection of my position or belief. As the Facilitator of the Public Safety Program in Potrerillos I analyze in great detail criminal activities and reports and try to insure that the information is disseminated to all interested parties. Mr. Williams and I are just facilitators of information, it’s up to the individual reader to determine its relevance or value. This particular “attached above” crime report comes from the Boquete Ning Public Forum. http://boquete.ning.com

    Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Facilitator

  3. Good idea about informing the public about the gun laws here. One of the problems with having brought your own guns legally or not, is the requirement that they are ballistic tested and recorded. Remember, once they have your info they know exactly where to go to confiscate them if the government decides that gun owners are a risk to their corrupt existence. No problem for me except be aware that most of the better weapons NEVER make it back to the owners. Or if they do, it’s many months later and only after many calls and wasted time, like most things here in Panama. It doesn’t help that you have a receipt….they say sorry but it appears to be lost or misplaced. They know you have no chance of recovering it or getting reimbursed.

    God forbid they should ever return a call to you. Then these creeps do the “one ring and hang up” routine, so you have to call them back on your dime. We NEVER call them back when they pull that crap on us. Also, a thing to remember is that they NEVER keep an appointment and they NEVER call to tell you that they won’t be there or that they’ll be late. So what we do is, make another appointment for them until they finally show up, then tell them “Never mind, we decided not to use you.” If they actually ask why we say bcoz you didn’t show up or call when you were suppose to!!!! Bet they don’t pull that crap again!!!

    Remember, its better to have a gun in your hand then dialing for the police and waiting for them to maybe respond!!! Legal or not, you’ll still be alive and your loved ones will be too.

    Best bet for you guys is to adopt 2 or more dogs. You accomplish 2 very important things. 1. You now have the best security money can buy. Not to mention a friend/companion for life bcoz you saved its life. 2. The bad guys never go into a house with barking dogs!!!!

    Good luck and adopt a pet today!!!!


  4. Legitimate Question:

    Does anyone here know where there is a marine (boat) supply store around here?


  5. Perhaps it is not such a bad thing if the robbers thought all the gringos sat around drinking and packing.

  6. I was at that meeting in Boquete yesterday morning. Some of the victims were too. They were not happy with the police. The one who had two laptops stolen couldn’t get the police to recover his laptops but a private investigator, for 300 bucks, returned them the same day!!!!!!!! Anybody understand what might be going on with that?

  7. Let me guess…the investigator was a member of the gang!!!!! Betcha, Betcha, Betcha!!!! Better look to see if your info was copied from your computer and change all ur passwords.

    Told ya…get a dog!!! And yes they love to for rides in the car to protect your things.


  8. Jim F…you need to be careful with your strong suggestion that the “investigator was a member of the gang” I know the investigator. He’s a genuinely nice guy and an honorable person. You’ve sullied his reputation and I don’t appreciate it. In my opinion, you owe him an apology. Instead of just putting your foot in your mouth, you stuck it way up your…backside.

  9. Michael,
    I am glad to have an investigator around like him. Do you have his contact info? I just hate to see most people spending too much time and hope with the police if there is something wrong there. I believe that Chiriqui Police Chief has a job on his hands trying to instill confidence and trust amongst us. I hope he is working hard on it. I wish there was a way to help the police get caller ID. As much as I appreciate Alto Criminem, having to make only one phone call would be better and a 911 system even better.

  10. As a CCW holder in the state of Florida, let me say that Zimmerman should have been arrested and then let the court sort out the truth. Denninger makes unfounded assumptions. I can come up with 10 scenarios where Zimmerman gets a bloody nose and a wet back and still be guilty of murder. Let’s say he grabbed the kid and got into a struggle with him. Perhaps he got punched in the nose and it knocked him flat on his ass into wet grass. Maybe then he was enraged (as his past history suggests) and then shot the kid. I don’t know what happened and neither does anyone else, including know-it-all Denninger. The law says you must be in IMMINENT danger of losing life or limb. With only one person having a gun, the burden is on Zimmerman to prove he believed he was about to lose his life and if he hadn’t shot him, he would have died. The prudent thing to do would be to arrest him and sort out the facts later.

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