Open Call – Theatre Group In David

Hi Don: Would you do me the favor of posting the following info on your blog? It has been posted on Gringos in David.

Hi my name is Henry. I have a Ph.D. in theatrical performance and hispanic literature, and I am working with Antonio Singh, founder of La Guaricha, a cultural center in David and a well-known promotor of the arts.

I directed a children’s play for the center that went over very well, which led to a summer school gig, teaching theatre to young children. That also went over well. I will be talking to several local schools about developing theatre programs during the school year, In addition, we are negotiating with the University of Panama to teach university level courses in theatre.

Our problem is that in spite of our succeses,we have trouble building momentum. As soon as the show is over, the actors tend to disappear, this in spite of the fact that Antonio pays his actors. The same thing happened last year with a private university that I directed a play for. Therefore, we are making an open call to try to find new talent and are stressing reliability and stick-to-it-ness as the most important characteristics we are looking for. This time too we are inviting the gringo community to participate, as it’s my goal to develop a bilingual program.

So if you would like to get involved in theatre as an actor, musician or tech, please come Thurs the 29th or Tues the 3rd at 7:30 PM. We’re down the hill from the Java Juice near the bus terminal. Questions, email me at

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