Potrerillos Public Safety Advisory

Today at about 1530 hours I was contacted in person by Lieutenant Coronel Maximo Ruiz who is the Sub Commissioner for Police Operations in Chiriqui Provence.  He requested that I convey the following crime related information and warning to the Expatriate Community.



On Friday evening 16-March-2012 a violent home invasion occurred in the El Frances area outside of Boquete.  The victims were not specifically identified other than they were a North American Man and Panamanian Women described as husband and wife.  Information provided indicates that unknown individuals forced their way into the residence of the North American and his wife savagely beating them and tying them up before robbing them of unspecified personal property.  Additionally it was revealed that at least one of the victims (assumed to be the American) is currently hospitalized in David as a result of the attack.

No additional details were released for public dissemination and no suspect information was provided.


Commissioner Ruiz added that he is highly interested in the active roll the Neighborhood Watch Programmers are playing in the community.  His goal is to encourage more community participation along with the full support of the National Police.  Commander Ruiz recognizes the value of an effective Community Based Neighborhood Watch and Public Safety Program like the one operating in Potrerillos and elsewhere.   

You are advised to elevate your security posture.


Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Facilitator

11 thoughts on “Potrerillos Public Safety Advisory

  1. thank you for the heads-up. it is a good idea to watch out for each other & report abnormal activity. thank you don.

  2. It’s time to take up arms. The bad guys hav’m and you don’t. They know this so you are a sitting duck. The police will never stop a home invasion…only you can. It’s better to argue with the gov’t AFTER you saved yourself and your loved one’s, than have to bury them bcoz some piece of crap broke into your house and killed them or you!!! You can’t trust the police here…they are part of the problem!!!!

    You are your own best security. Your only other option is to get a dog…not a yapping little thing but a mutt or two. Adopt a dog from a shelter or save one off the street. If you take care of them, they’ll take of you.

    We have 6 dogs and they can’t wait for the next moron to try to trespass on our property!!! They are 2 for 2!!!!! # ne’re do wells will never forget why they are missing pieces of their bodies!!!! You have the right to protect yourself. NEVER, NEVER EVER let the police take your dog(s) after they have defended your property. You will NEVER see them again!!! They tried to take 3 of mine and I told them go ahead, if you can get them, you can take’m but I won’t help or call the dogs off. They backed right off. I told them don’t EVER come back here without a warrant!!!! It’s been almost 3 years and haven’t seen’m since.

    Good luck to you all…you’re basically on your own here.


  3. Jim et al..
    Here Here! Although we’d all like to think differently about being the next victim(s),
    I appreciate your candor & white-knuckled approach to handling these scum & asserting your rights with the ‘law’.

    I am 100% convinced that some of this crap involves ‘inside job’ activity, duh. How does some mark leave HSBC (a horrible bank) and get rolled for the fresh $7500 withdrawal only minutes later?! Coincidence I’m sure.

    Simple: Someone at the bank called their hoodlum thug buddies and probably got a kick back commission for the tip. I’m serious. Look at the pattern these crimes follow. A complete idiot could figure this stuff out, IMO.

    I think a review of firearms laws & self defense definitions are in order here or someplace where current information can be shared. People are pissed off.

    A simple robbery (ie: you’re not home) & a home INVASION are 2 VASTLY different animals, obviously.

    Your suggestions for better security are sound. If one cannot have/does not want dogs, geese can be an alternative. They are loud & alert & eat weeds & grass but certainly won’t take someone’s ankle off, fwiw.

    I hope the victims of this latest in a string of class A felonies are apprehended & severely punished

  4. Another quick suggestion…
    How many times have I been in one of these banks and seen people withdrawing piles of cash at the general public counter (cashier)? Many..

    Look, if you are going to deposit or withdraw a pile of paper, SIGN IN & REQUEST to talk to one of the staff IN A PRIVATE office of theirs. Then you do the transaction in as private a setting as you can, not in front of a pile of people waiting behind & beside you!

    I absolutely cannot believe it when I see a cashier peeling off bill after bill at the counter and handing it over to the customer! They’ll even count it out loudly! Unreal!! Anyway..

    Then, if you do have a problem after exiting the bank, you only have one person to blame (primarily).. ocicbw, fwiw, imo, etc…

  5. Yeah I tried that when I was a client of MultiscrewupmoronicBank!!! Tied for the worst bank with HSBC, They have no clue what you want when asking for that consideration. After forcing them to get a supervisor, who finally agreed to do it but not happy with the imposition, I finally got my cash and left. Shortly after that incident, I was notified that my accounts were canceled!!!! Hows that for customer service???? Oh did I mention that they don’t need to give you a reason….YOU’RE JUST OUTTA THERE!!!! SCUMBAGS!!!

    Now its virtually impossible to get a new account in any bank here. So we don’t use the banks anymore. They suck anyway and sell the info to the IRS under their phony “Know your customer” bullshit lies. If you are still too dumb and insist on using them here’s some advice….NEVER tell them you have credit cards or siblings or other family members back in AmeriKa. They will want to know EVERYTHING about them including their SS nbr’s, account nbr’s, amount of use of the account, will you be xfering funds between domestic and foreign accounts. If so, where those accounts are and the amounts in them and how much you expect to transfer on a monthly basis. Also, they want to know if you have other bank accounts anywhere in the world that you have access to for personal or business purposes even though your name is not the primary.

    I could go on but I figure that by the time the criminal BAGBOY is out of office, there will be very few expat accounts/foundations. Did I mention that you no longer are allowed ANY financial anonymity for ANY reason or type of vehicle???? Hmmmm, China is looking real good about now. They already told AmeriKa to mind its own business and refused to cooperate in any financial manner!!!!! Go China!!! Thats standing up to the ol’ BULLY!!!!

    Thats enough for now like anybody is actually reading blogs here on this site where you can’t even get your fotos up on line.


  6. Jim, this is a blog and as a blog it has only one poster. Only I can post photos, but then only I pay for my server and the space I use. I do on occasion post others photos, but normally that is to assist in something they are selling personally.

  7. KK I think you are right about the “bank buddy”. in Uruguay and Argentina it’s against the law to use a phone in a bank or a cambio and they watch the employees VERY carefully. The only other way is for someone to be scoping out the bank for the hell of it.

  8. This event happened just up the street from me. Our community of homeowners have met. We now have an increased awareness about the need to watch out for each other. We have begun taking the recommended precautions. It seems these bad guys scope out the house most vulnerable to a home invasion…and then observe daily routines to figure out the best time to do their deeds. While this situation could have happened to many of us, respectfully, don’t be the house in the community most vulnerable.

  9. Mr. Moor,
    You and your local neighbors are encouraged to establish a Community Based Neighborhood Watch and Public Safety Program. This can be an effective counter balance that your community could employ to combat the criminals who obviously perceive your area as a soft target. The Panamanian National Police recognize the formation of Community Based Neighborhood Watch Programs and are highly supportive of them. They have dedicated man power and resources in place to help facilitate such programs. Each Provence has a Senior Police Official appointed as a Duty Officer to help coordinate NHW programs. You are further encouraged to contact the National Police in David to find out more about the formation of an effective NHW Group in your area,
    Good Luck,
    Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Facilitator

  10. An easy solution to your problem is to adopt a dog or two at most houses. You solve 2 major problems. 1st…the bad guys never go into houses with barking dogs. Most latino’s are scared of dogs to begin with. Dogs are the best security money can buy. 2nd.. They are very grateful when they are rescued from a kill shelter. They don’t need to be mean junkyard dogs, they just need someone to love and care for them and they will be your best friends and security. So adopt a dog today!!!!

    We live in a very rural area. Our closest neighbor is 3 miles away so security is a major concern. We have 6 dogs and 2 cats. Most have been rescued, the others are offspring from 2 of our dogs. We have warning signs posted with a number to call for entry. Obviously, the bad guys stay away. Besides we had 1 attempt b4 we put up the signs and the 2 miscreants spent upto 3 months in the hospital and underwent 3 surgeries to reconstruct their bodies and remove what was left of ones balls!!! Yep, pretty much shredded his nut sack and pinga!!!! The other will not be a candidate for Mr. Panama as his head, face, back, arms and legs where pretty well torn up. He went through 3 surgeries and now has his ass for part of his face!!! Truly a ASSFACE!!! ;-)) LMAO!!!!

    These turds where casing our construction here on the Finca, looking for stuff to steal again. We had been hit prior, before we moved into our apartment in the bodega with our dogs. That was the last time we lost anything. The word got out to stay away.

    An aside to this story is that the police wanted to take the dogs bcoz they attacked a human!!!! They tried 3 times to get them…I said you’ll need a court order and if you can get’m in your truck you can take’m. Next I said you have 1 minute to get your ass back in your truck, before I open the door and let’m out. They looked like the 3 Stooges trying to get away. LMAO

    Then come to find out that the bad guys were let go due to lack of evidence!!!! WTF…lets see…they trespassed on my property. They were not locals and both had prior criminal records. Goes to prove my point about if your a gringo here you lose!!!! The authorities will NEVER back a gringo or rule in your favor. So folks you are basically on your own!!!!

    Go out and adopt a pet today and lock n load!!!!

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