The Volcán Barú Adventure Reviewed

In a previous post I told you about an ebook that has been written by Ryan Grassley. I finally got around to reading it and I recommend it to anyone living in Panama and wanting to live the adventure of going from sea level to the top of the Volcán Barú.

I say “live” the adventure because the book is published using the new iBooks iAuthor software, which produces ebooks for the iProducts of Apple. This particular book has close to, if not more than, a whole hour of videos taken on the journey.

What Ryan had to do was to position his camera at various locations and then ride through the area, then he had to retrieve his camera and find the next location to tell his story. Incredible. Only a fellow his age with a touch of insanity would have take on this project.

He starts out the lower Barú portion with two other companions. Ryan made it to the finish. Live through his falls. Live through is night camp out. Live through his being able to see the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. Wow. I was tired just living the adventure vicariously.

If you own a Nook or a Kindle or other ebook reader, this may be your reason to buy an iPad. After all the New iPad is has been announced and will soon start deliveries. It also demonstrates a lot of the authoring features of iBooks iAuthor. For $2.99 you can’t go wrong.

You can buy Ryan’s eBook HERE.

Here is a video preview of what you will find in the book.

6 thoughts on “The Volcán Barú Adventure Reviewed

  1. Thanks so much for the review Don. I’m glad you enjoyed the adventure. Just want to point out that the book is only viewable on the iPad. For some reason Apple doesn’t let it work on iPhones, or the iPod Touch. That is something I hope they will change in the future. The book has over 70 minutes of video, you will probably spend as much time watching it as you will reading it.

    I’ve been waiting for the new iPad to release too. I’m looking forward to picking one up.

  2. I have the iPad on my wish list, but am afraid it won’t get farther than that. Thanks for the clarification on it only being available on the iPad.

  3. As an old dirt biker I really enjoyed that preview…recognize some of the falls…lol
    even though I`d be 70 by the time I hope to do this (to the Baru top, but starting in Boquete area) ,I do have lots of experience even though not the young age anymore…looks like a blast!

  4. It’s a pretty rough road Bjorn. I dumped my KLR650 at least 15 times on the way to the top. I hope you have a bike better suited for that type of terrain or you are in for a very miserable day.

  5. Ryan , I dont own one anymore…my friend Rolf had a 650…I was using KTMs 300s , lighter, easier to handle…and standing up all the time on them seem easier…I understand “rough roads” too….I did Motorcycles in the military in Sweden in early 60`s…and in the winter we had short metal skis suspended under the tank to ‘ride’ with…bad thing the hand shifter to use fior that was on the right siode of the tank and just about every time you laid it down (as shifter stayed on for summer) you hit the inside of your right knee… but I have about 40 yrs riding experience in forests, rocks and “canyon hopping” in Big Bend… but it sounds like a blast to ride to the top of Baru!

  6. and….too bad we arent riding bikes this week ,as it would be pretty easy to get around those road closures!

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