2 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Don,
    I always look forward to your postings, however, did not like the little slam on other readers other than the IPad. I personally have no use for an IPad, and am quite happy with my Kindle. I know you are a die-hard supporter of Apple products, but in my opinion they are not the end-all to everything computer based. This is my opinion anyway.

  2. Hi Doug. Never intended to “slam” other ereaders. If all a person wants to do is to read books, then many readers will do. I know Omar, who writes the Lingua Franca blog, is only marginally happy with his new Kindle Fire. It all depends on one’s needs. Yours and mine differ.

    I have used many Linux OS distributions, and have recently had the opportunity to play with several Linux based Google systems. If I had never touched an iPad, I might have been impressed. At the current time, as tablets go, there is only one worth spending money on.

    My first PC was an Apple II. I spent the next thirty some years on Microsoft based PCs. I have written programs for both platforms and feel comfortable with my recent move away from Microsoft.

    Hopefully in a few years Apple will have some legitimate competition in the tablet market, but not at this time.

    Again, my need is for a full functioned Tablet, not just an ereader. As with everything, all mileage varies.

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