chiriqui—what kind of toad is this , about 30 cm long ….

I received the following to post. Click to enlarge photo.

click to enlargecaught this little beauty last night in my Paso Ancho school while doing a night tour —

 anybody an idea what kind of toad this is

8 thoughts on “chiriqui—what kind of toad is this , about 30 cm long ….

  1. It’s a Cane Toad (Bufo Marinus). You are advised to keep your dog away from them as many dog die each year or become very ill from encounters with them.

  2. Cane toad. When defending itself, it secretes a milky fluid which is extremely toxic, especially to dogs, probably to humans too (which probably ingest it less often than dogs do). Dogs who get that fluid in their mouth will foam at the mouth and, depending on the quantity of the poison taken, convulse and die a terrible, painful death. One treatment I’ve heard about is to flush the dog’s mouth out with lots of water (trying not to drown the dog) and then flush his mouth out with lime juice. I cannot verify if either procedure is successful.

    Keep your dogs away from these toads!

  3. I knew they were toxic , but nothing else , I released the toad again in a bushy area ,Wouldnt let it in the school as too many kids and dogs there –thanks for the info


  4. Zippy The Pinhead: “Mr. Toad, why are you cutting your lawn?”
    Mr Toad: “It’s my damn lawn & I’ll cut it if I want!!”

  5. Yep its a Bufo alright. We are over run with them most every night. Ihave 1 worker whose job everyday is to hunt them down where they hide in our gardens and planters. We get them here up to a kilo and they get really are a danger to your dogs and cats. Your vet has a powder that you can reconstitute to give your dog. The best thing is to wash you dogs mouth out as best you can. I don’t mean a spritz…you need to force the water in, not down their throat, while you rub their gums, tongue and lips. You will feel the slime from the frog. When you’ve done that let them drink water if they want and give them some crackers or bread to eat. This will help absorb whatever you weren’t able to get out. Don’t worry if they don’t eat it just watch their respiration’s for an hour or so. If they start breathing rapidly and their heart beat rises sharply…GET THEM TO A VET NOW!!!!! If not they will die from a heart attack or stroke.

    Now we have 8 dogs and we’ve had more than a few incidences here, at the Finca. You really need to pay attention to what they are doing and watch them mainly at night, when those bufo’s are active crapping all over our terrazzo’s !!!!

    Amazingly, my dogs now stay away from them. Apparently either they don’t like their taste anymore or they really don’t like the mouth wash treatment!!! So now they barely give them a second sniff. But we still watch’m pretty close. After all, they are our security out here.

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