Sometimes Justice Prevails

This morning, the following information was posted on the David Gringos Yahoo Group.

I recently heard about the outcome of the accident that happened a couple of years ago near Price Smart that caused Paul and Jenny of Paradise Gardens to leave Panama.

I am not sure if they know and if someone has their email, perhaps they could pass it along. 

This is a quote from a friend who was recently involved in a car accident.

“My attorney, Betsy Carrera, represented ASSA Insurance CO in the fatal accident that occurred near Price Mart in which your friend who cared for your birds was involved. The case went to trail a few months ago and ASSA prevailed.
She was able to prove by the distance that the bird mans car was moved by the impact that the other driver was speeding well in excess of the 40 KPH limit, possibly as fast as 90 KPH. In spite of the lying witnesses she obtained other witnesses that testified that car was driving without lights. The car was black.

The judge ruled that the Panamanian driver was at fault. The brother of the Panamanian driver was in the front passenger seat and was killed. The driver was sentenced to 3 years in prison.”



I forwarded the information to Paul And Jenny and received a nice thank you note from Jenny.

For those of you that don’t know this case. Paul and Jenny owned Paradise Gardens (one of my favorite places). It was a major attraction for the Boquete area. They were involved in a fatal accident in front of PriceSmart.

Witnesses game out after the accident swearing that it was Paul’s fault. I am happy to see that once in a while the court system actually does it job even if it wasn’t soon enough to keep Paradise Gardens open.

Congratulations Paul and Jenny. Better late than never. Others have not been so lucky.

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  1. But still they are better somewhere else than here. Leaving like they did was a smart move.

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