Mosto Bistro Has Moved

Lilliam and I got to try out the new and improved Mosto Bistro thanks to Jason. To get to it, turn off the InterAmerican highway at the traffic light and go south on Miguel A. Brenes (the street in front of Supper 99, Nissan and the Mitsubishi dealer). Turn right at the corner of the La Tipica Chinese restaurant. At the end of the block, on the left side, you will find Mosto Bistro.

Here are the GPS Coords (8.421774,-82.431105) and a Google map.

While I didn’t think to take a photo outside, I did take a couple photos inside, which follow:

Flavio prepares the same great food. We were greeted with a tasty welcome dish. Flavio makes all his own sauces and condiments and they can’t be beat.

I chose the BBQ ribs and they were super.

Lilliam chose a shrimp risotto and raved about it.

Jason had the pork chop, and also commented on its flavor.

If you have never been to Mosto Bistro, you have missed a great restaurant. If you have been in the past and didn’t know they have moved, now you know where to find then.

Personally, I think the restaurant is more attractive than before and am happy to know the food is as good as ever. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in David.

10 thoughts on “Mosto Bistro Has Moved

  1. hi don ray, Tuesday 29 we have the first ALL YOU CAN EAT – PORK RIBS, the price is $20.00 and you will recive pork ribs whit guava sauce, “yuca al mojo”, and cold beers for only .75 cents!!!!

  2. I was so disappointed in the newly re-located Mosto Bistro! The staff are not the same and the service was terrible. With only one other party in the restaurant it took over an hour to serve a hamburger (still good meat there) and fries. The friendly English speaking wait staff are gone and their replacements were completely unapologetic and arrogant. I will so miss the wonderful albeit overpriced food because the dining experience to me is just as important as the quality of the food. The load music during the lunch hour is inappropriate. Alas, the old location so reminded me of a bistro in Los Gatos, CA ….what a loss for David!

  3. I have only been there once and service and food was fine. I will pass on your comment. They can only get better if they know of the problems.

  4. Hi Giny, we sorry for your bad experience, we try to do the best, if you dont like we understand, but im sure that my staff is not a arrogant and unapologetic, next time please call me (Chef. Fulvio Miranda Vieto) and personally i will serve your meal.
    And sorry if you dont like the new location, for me, my team , and all coustumers is much better than Plaza Real, beacuse we have more ambiente, sapce, confortable.

    thank you

  5. Can someone please post the phone number for Mosto Bistro?
    I would like to make reservations for Valentines Day.

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