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Boquete Foto Tour and Workshop

I received a request to post the following.

Boquete Foto Tour and Workshop
April 9th, 2012
1:00 – 5:00PM
Boquete, PanamaOnly $59

Would you spend $59 dollars to learn how to compose and capture thought-provoking, jaw-dropping fotos?

Sure you would!

Are you frustrated and angry with the mediocre shots coming out of your BIG BUCK$ camera gear?

Maybe you’re happy with what you shoot, but you want to achieve a higher level of photo skills?

Or maybe you just want to see and photograph rustic Boquete with some really cool, like-minded individuals from all over the world.

If this sounds like you, my Foto Tour and Workshop has your name on it!

Visit our website to see actual examples and full details of our unique Foto Tour and Workshop.

DON’T DELAY – Tour and Workshop limited to 6 attendees!

Sign Up For Our April 9th Downtown Tour & Workshop!


Legendary motorcycle adventurer, videographer, editor and YouTuber, Ryan Grassley, will be video documenting our April 9th Tour and Workshop, as well as pitching in as a gaffer (lighting assistant).
If you haven’t seen his work, get on over to his YouTube channel “HalfThrottle Motorcycle Adventures“.


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Robbery in Paso Ancho

I received the following as a comment on the Chiriqui Watch Post. It should have just been entered in the Chiriqui Watch Site. I will enter it. I decided I would also post it as a normal post to get the word out incase some one is propositioned to buy the camera. I am assuming that this was yesterday (March 30, 2012).

just been robbed of my money papers and camera and  what  i   will miss most 3 memorysticks one I think was 4 gig  , one of 12 gig and one realy big  32 gig bite one  full of all the pictures I took  the last 2 and a half months [ finca dracula ,  killing of a pig at a friends house , pictures of   Panama city ,and some  from the vet clinic in Volcan some   files marked Marijke —   camera can be replaced   — if somebody sees a camera in a black  bag  being offered  or   finds memorysticks   just  let me know , I ll ask   serial  nrs to my husband as all the details of the camera back home in  France — last pictures taken   in  Volcan on the road  , just   roadsigns  …  interior   of a house with a lady  standing in front …. 3   pictures of a local little boy in  the panaderia in Volcan  and some pictures in a bar in Paso Ancho by what I rekkon were very unexperienced   young boys  , almost certain not indigenous but  panamanian … called the police who didnt show up  , took a taxi to volcan to report , but only one man in the office who said they were sending somebody  down  tomorrow —oh well  , got a few knocks on the head …. tried to kick  one in his balls , bit nr 2 and   tried to hurt nr  3    by trying to  twist his fingers badly  I  didnt  succeed unfortunately , would have loved to  have broken  some fingers …

thanks for the help …  got some   money left  , not much for the last 3 weeks  of my stay  , not sure how to get papers sorted  ,  guess I ll have to ask the police ,  luckily have doubles of passport and flight tickets in my suitcases

PS  this happened  in Paso Ancho   where  I help out in a school as a volunteer amonghst a lot of other  little  things

marijke taffein

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Artist Exhibition and Auction

You are invited to an exhibition of paintings by noted local artist, Marjorie Freiburghaus, being held April 4th through April 7th, at the chapel and adjacent locales in Valle Escondido, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Ms. Freiburghaus has exhibited in multiple galleries in Panama City where she’s frequently commissioned for private pieces. She’s gaining popularity in Boquete, as well, for her colorful abstract, scenic, and folk depictions.

This event is a benefit to raise funds for oncology treatment. Nineteen works will be displayed and available for purchase. On the final day of the event, there will be an auction for any remaining pieces, between 4 pm and 6 pm.
For additional information call: 720-2454.

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Canon Lens Repair Experience in Panama

I have received questions in the past about camera repair in Panama. A friend recently had a Canon Lens repaired and I thought the experience might be of entrust to others.

Canon Repairs–camera, lens, etc.
After problems with an expensive canon SLR lens, I emailed Canon/Panama to check my options.  I was quickly answered by Elzebir Montenegro at  
Ms. Montenegro told me (in Spanish, but English will probably work as well) that I could ship the lens from David to Panama City with a shipper she recommended.
I ended up going to PC on other business and delivered the lens in person.  Canon is next to the Multimax store in Tumba Muerto; your cabbie will find it easily.  I left the lens and got a receipt.
It took several weeks before I heard more.  I was asked to approve the replacement  of internal elements for a cost of $278 (!!, but the lens is worth $1200). I was emailed a credit card  approval form which I printed, filled out, scanned (all on my $40 Canon machine!) and sent.  The lens was finished in 4 days and then shipped overnight to David by Servientregas (775-8593) for an additional $18.
Servientregas is located on the Pan Americana.  Going toward PC, it’s the first big complex on the left past the big Arrocha.  Pull in past the trucks and go to the back.
If you are going to ship to Canon, get your gear professionally packaged.  Servientregas recommended HDL in David (across from Banco General).

In sum, the lens works fine, and I am a happy camper.

Potrerillos Public Safety Advisory

I received the following for posting.


There have been 3 violent home invasions in the greater Boquete area within the last 8 or so days.  The latest incident occurs last night 25-MAR-12 in which unknown  perpetrators forced their way into the homes of the victims and brutally beat and robbed them.  It is understood that deadly weapons have been used in at least 2 of the incidents.  The following is the original message communicated on a public community forum in the Boquete area.

“  Another violent home invasion occurred last night, Sunday March 25, and with it was an attempted sexual assault.

If “we” as a community are going to work together to put an end to these types of incidents we will have to to take a proactive role in working together in identifying these violent criminals. Violent home invasions are on the rise throughout the world and the solution is for the community to work together and become our own ” force”, and if that means identifying and following suspicious individuals so be it.

Please get the facts straight about what happened in Florida and do not fall for the media’s portrayal that this was some king of vigilante killing of an innocent person. Below is the link to an article I am in agreement with regarding the circumstances regarding that unfortunate incident.

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Open Call – Theatre Group In David

Hi Don: Would you do me the favor of posting the following info on your blog? It has been posted on Gringos in David.

Hi my name is Henry. I have a Ph.D. in theatrical performance and hispanic literature, and I am working with Antonio Singh, founder of La Guaricha, a cultural center in David and a well-known promotor of the arts.

I directed a children’s play for the center that went over very well, which led to a summer school gig, teaching theatre to young children. That also went over well. I will be talking to several local schools about developing theatre programs during the school year, In addition, we are negotiating with the University of Panama to teach university level courses in theatre.

Our problem is that in spite of our succeses,we have trouble building momentum. As soon as the show is over, the actors tend to disappear, this in spite of the fact that Antonio pays his actors. The same thing happened last year with a private university that I directed a play for. Therefore, we are making an open call to try to find new talent and are stressing reliability and stick-to-it-ness as the most important characteristics we are looking for. This time too we are inviting the gringo community to participate, as it’s my goal to develop a bilingual program.

So if you would like to get involved in theatre as an actor, musician or tech, please come Thurs the 29th or Tues the 3rd at 7:30 PM. We’re down the hill from the Java Juice near the bus terminal. Questions, email me at