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Never a Dull Moment In Panama

Yesterday was the day to visit a patient in the Regional Hospital. I wasn’t feeling great when I went, but was able to complete my promised visit. Sometimes I think I can take on symptoms of others.

Leaving the hospital, Lilliam and I stopped at PriceSmart to stock up on missing household items. I was feeling a little worse. We even bypassed our normal PriceSmart Cappuccino so I could get home sooner.

Two hours later, I was in significant pain. It was in the lower right side of my abdominal area. Now I was getting more convinced that colon surgery was in my future. I told you I tend to assimilate other’s afflictions.

I could not get in a position to allow the pain to subside. Lilliam, after two hours of constant encouragement, convinced me that a trip to Chiriquí Hospital was called for. Continue reading Never a Dull Moment In Panama

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Drivers License Renewal with New Passport Number

Submitted by a CC reader.

Hi Don,

This information might be useful to your readers….

My US passport renewal, as we know, has a different number from the old passport. When I went to renew my driver’s license, I took originals and copies of what I thought were all the necessary documents: current drivers license, cedula, old passport, new passport. The unexpected wrinkle was that because there was a vehicle registered in my name with the old passport number, they would not renew my drivers license until the number on my new passport matched the number on the vehicle registration. It’s in the system (no third-world computer age here!).

To accomplish this, you have to go the Municipal building, present your old and new passports along with your vehicle registration, pay $10 at the cashier’s window, go to the Entrega Placa window for a certificacion, and take all this to the upstairs window in the Municipal building. Each window station wants (and keeps) copies of everything. Then they tell you that first you have to go to the Banco Nacional to pay $30 and get a traspaso receipt. When you return with that and all your originals and copies of everything again to the upstairs window at the Municipal building, they will issue a new vehicle registration with your new passport number. Now it is in the system, and you can go back and get your driver’s license renewed.


Considering Panama For Retirement? Part 2

In this post I will visit some observations related to healthcare. These observations are strictly based on my experiences in Chiriqui. Being a Warden for the U.S. Embassy and visiting U.S. Citizens in the local hospitals, I see some things that others never see.

Things will be a little different in Panama City. There will be more healthcare options there, but most of the options will also carry a higher price tag.

If you are considering Panama because of the rising healthcare costs in the U.S. Then in many cases you may not find any improvement in Panama. Healthcare is sort of a mixed bag. This is one area when it is very good to have Panamanian friends to help advise you on the doctors to chose and use or not choose and avoid. It is also a good idea to get references from foreigners as well, because those may be different than locals. It will be up to you to determine who to believe.

The capability of the healthcare system in Panama is pretty high. However costs are getting higher and the increase of foreigners coming to Panama with insurance plans are helping the price to increase. If you chose the wrong doctor you may be viewed more as a dollar sign than a patient. Continue reading Considering Panama For Retirement? Part 2

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Considering Panama For Retirement?

The recent disruptions to normal life in Panama tells me it may be a good time to revisit the decision making process that leads many to Panama. There are several things I think are worth covering and I doubt that it can be done in a single post.

As always, these are my thoughts and you can take them or leave them. My only objective is to prevent people from making a difficult move only to find out that Panama is not what they expected and returning to their country of origin bitter for the experience.

The world’s aging population is growing and the current world financial situation causes many to search for a place that less expensive to live. Many want to leave the frigid climates of the north or move out of the tornado and hurricane locations in the world.

It doesn’t take long to run some Internet searches for the best places to retire and find that Panama is among the top of the list. One publication, International Living, may be the most quoted by new comers to Panama as the reason they decided to move here.

Since International Living has been so influential on people’s decision to move here, it may be worth discussing it as the first topic.

Let me make it perfectly clear. Please take everything written by International Living with the understanding that it is in International Living’s to promote retirement locations. It typically writes, or pays to have written, articles that make many locations seem like a paradise. Continue reading Considering Panama For Retirement?

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I got this reader request to post.

Suggestions?? – Getting a refund from the Piccadilly Dept Store David, Panama.

Does anybody have an idea on how to get a refund or exchange from Piccadilly Dept Store in David, Panama?

Bought a fan 2 weeks ago and asked to have it tested when I purchased it, which the cashier refused to do, said to just bring it back if it did not work.

When I got it home it did not work (surprise). Have been back to the store 4 times now and they have the info off the receipt and the fan, along with my phone number. No refund, exchange or phone call to date.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Thanks, RT

Still Running Behind

I have several things I would like to write about, but I am still tied up with some ongoing U.S. Citizen projects. I just thought I would take a short break and let you know that nothing is wrong other than I am very short of time.

I will keep up with any Emergency notices from the Embassy if they are sent out.

Stay safe out there and take a little time to smell the roses. I look forward to being able to do the same in a week or two.

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