A Heads Up

I am hearing rumors that protests are in the works for next Monday. Filling up your car gas tanks might be a good idea. My sources say the main targeted area is San Felix. However, other areas may be targeted as well.

Remember to try to avoid all areas that have protests going on.

7 thoughts on “A Heads Up

  1. I had hoped to hear Tuesday that all was “ok”…that may not be so…maybe my trip there still is in jeopardy

  2. The local workers up here in Cerra Punta say thuesday ,Volcan many be closed by the local indians if they have no answer that no hydro electric projects on/near their land.

  3. Hey, what happened?
    Deal. No Deal?

    Seems a uniformly worldwide problem for the most part.
    Does anyone see a common denominator here or is
    it just me?


  4. I was at the bus terminal on Monday and Wednesday of this week and it was obvious that the Indians have been stocking up. Around where the buses for Tole, San Felix and other heavily Indian destinations the indigenous families had HUGE supplies of rice and canned goods they were taking home with them. MUCH more than usual. Myself, I always keep a good supply of food in my larder. I’ve got enough to last for about a month without having to go to El Rey.

  5. Avoiding a problem area is easier said than done! I live in Volcan, and there was a roadblock just 50 yards from my driveway, I could not get to my house to help my ill wife!

  6. Get ready for more roads closed. The indians want no hydro electric power plants built and the government is not going to back down as far to much money $$ and the progress for Panamas growth to contiune and need for more power.

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