Drivers License Renewal with New Passport Number

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My US passport renewal, as we know, has a different number from the old passport. When I went to renew my driver’s license, I took originals and copies of what I thought were all the necessary documents: current drivers license, cedula, old passport, new passport. The unexpected wrinkle was that because there was a vehicle registered in my name with the old passport number, they would not renew my drivers license until the number on my new passport matched the number on the vehicle registration. It’s in the system (no third-world computer age here!).

To accomplish this, you have to go the Municipal building, present your old and new passports along with your vehicle registration, pay $10 at the cashier’s window, go to the Entrega Placa window for a certificacion, and take all this to the upstairs window in the Municipal building. Each window station wants (and keeps) copies of everything. Then they tell you that first you have to go to the Banco Nacional to pay $30 and get a traspaso receipt. When you return with that and all your originals and copies of everything again to the upstairs window at the Municipal building, they will issue a new vehicle registration with your new passport number. Now it is in the system, and you can go back and get your driver’s license renewed.


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  1. Same thing if you sell your car. You first have to transfer the vehicle registration from the one with your old passport number to one with your new passport number before you can transfer it to someone else.

  2. Is it possible to put your vehicle into a corporation or foundation so you don’t have to have everything changed every few years? Canada passport only for 5 years…staggered with 4 year license renewals… 3 cars……expensive! Don,please let me know where I could start my search to find an expert answer to whether this is possible. Thanks in advance.

  3. Sorry, I should make it clear the idea is to get the vehicles disconnected from the driver’s license, and therefore,the passport,if possible. I am hoping if tied to foundation instead, nothing would have to change unless ownership of the vehicles changed. I hope you follow my reasoning! Thanks!

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