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Suggestions?? – Getting a refund from the Piccadilly Dept Store David, Panama.

Does anybody have an idea on how to get a refund or exchange from Piccadilly Dept Store in David, Panama?

Bought a fan 2 weeks ago and asked to have it tested when I purchased it, which the cashier refused to do, said to just bring it back if it did not work.

When I got it home it did not work (surprise). Have been back to the store 4 times now and they have the info off the receipt and the fan, along with my phone number. No refund, exchange or phone call to date.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Thanks, RT

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  1. You should file a complain at ACODECO. That is the consumer protection agency. Explain your case with your cash receipt or invoice and tell them all the things you have done to get a refund or another working fan. They will sure help you.

  2. Hi RT, it has been a while since I had to return/exchange anything but one thing I learned was that you must talk to THE boss at the store to get any action. The floor level employees can not authorize returns and even the cashiers are not comfortable with exchanges or refunds.

    I bought a broken lockset from a hardware store along with ~B/.300.00 worth of other supplies. After hauling everything home, I discovered the broken (during manufacture) lockset and tried to exchange it for a working one. The floor staff all looked at it and said I broke it during installation (not true). I told them I would bring back the entire order unless they exchanged it. They got the manager from in back and he authorized the cashier to fill out a return paper and give me another one. (I checked it immediately and it was defective identically to the first one, the next one we looked at was OK.)

    It can be done, you must be willing to spend the time in person to get results. Frustrating, but just another part of the business culture.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  3. …a broken fan?

    price of said fan is not indicated in the post. $20?; $50?

    If you’re getting flak & attitude, forget about it & boycott the store.
    Tell all your friends to boycott it also.

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