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Other things happening in Chiriqui

There was a recent incident in Volcan where a gringo was driving and struck and killed a 4 year old child that ran in front of his car. This is a sad story anyway you look at it. It is always sad when there is an accident and a life is lost. In Panama, if a death results from a traffic accident, the driver is assumed guilty until proven innocent. Treatment given to the accused is not the same as it would be in the U.S.

In this case it was a gringo driving, but I really think the treatment might have been the same for a Panamanian. At least I hope the gringo was not treated differently, but the treatment I understand he received has been described as deplorable.

This is another perfect example of why a car camera is a worthwhile investment. It would have shown that the child ran in front of the car and from viewing the video, you should be able to get a rough estimate of the speed being driven.

Another recent incident Continue reading Other things happening in Chiriqui

Closing a Chapter and Lessons Learned

I am sad to report that the last gringo I was assisting in the Regional Hospital passed away on Sunday. It is my hope that discussing his passing may keep someone else from the same ending.

About 18 months ago he was in the U.S. and wanted to get a colonoscopy at the veteran’s hospital. He was told that he could be scheduled in three weeks. He made the decision he couldn’t wait three weeks and would have it done in Panama.

Upon having the colonoscopy in Panama he was advised that surgery was necessary. I don’t know if he asked all the questions he should have or if he was led to believe that it was a simple surgery and there was no risk.

How ever the conversation went, he made the decision to have it done in Panama. If he had bought an airplane ticket to the U.S., he could have had the operation for no cost at a VA hospital.

Instead he started the journey to his end with a simple surgery in Panama. The surgery turned into four surgeries. I was told that He spent in the neighborhood of $26,000, maybe more, and when he said he couldn’t afford more he was quickly transferred from Hospital Chiriqui to the Regional Hospital. He was in the Regional Hospital over a month and a half. His time there was inexpensive as far as medical expenses, but he did not walk out of the hospital and you can weigh that expense. Continue reading Closing a Chapter and Lessons Learned

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La Pepita in Las Lajas

I received the following for posting. From looking at the website, it will probably be worth the drive to Las Lajas just to try the Italian food.

Hi all, we are an Italian couple that moved to Panama 2 years ago and we’ve just opened a little Bed&Breakfast called La Pepita de Marañon in Las Lajas town.

Las Lajas is a nice quiet town 45 minutes far from David with a wonderful 15 miles sandy beach that you can reach in 10 minutes from the Panamerican highway.

Our B&B is strategically situated on the main way to the beach and is very close to the town and banks, restaurants and hospital.

You can’t recognize La Pepita because is built using traditional materials like wood, bamboo and palm leaves  for the roof so to obtain a natural air conditioning that guarantees a mild temperature both night and day;

From our B&B you will enjoy a beautiful mountain view and a familiar atmosphere surrounded by the sound of Chiriquí  nature.

Our services include rooms with private bathroom, ceiling fan, towels, hot water, laundry service, shuttle to the beach, private relax area with hammocks, Dvd, games and book exchange.

Rates per night are 40 $ ( 2 guests), 30 $ in the low season with breakfast included in the price.

We can also provide touristic informations and arrange tours: in the aerea there are a lot of interesting spots like waterfall and petroglyph in Nancito, Selva de adentro y de Afuera Islands, the Ngobe Bugle Comarca, etc…

Last but not least, we can offer to our guests a wide range of traditional homemade italian dishes!

Visit us on our website  www. or contact at or by phone at 507-62252027/ 62252026.

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A Heads Up

I am hearing rumors that protests are in the works for next Monday. Filling up your car gas tanks might be a good idea. My sources say the main targeted area is San Felix. However, other areas may be targeted as well.

Remember to try to avoid all areas that have protests going on.

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