Volcan Driving Video.

I rreceived the following video which gives a good idea of what it is to drive up to Volcan. Thanks to Bill for sending it.

Here is a short youtube movie of before and after that I happened to capture.  After we safely passed this vehicle I commented to my wife that he wouldn’t make it to Volcan without being involved in an accident.  No police escort and not even proper escort vehicles.

Bill Hill, owner
Panamerican.biz   (dash cams and more)

5 thoughts on “Volcan Driving Video.

  1. Well — at the beginning of your video, you had just passed my old “stomping grounds” … next time, take a right at San Vicente and then a left at Bongo Abajo and run up through Cuchilla ’til you get back to the Via Volcan at Cuesta de Piedras. Nice ride through some lovely countryside.

  2. Nice video, Mr. Hill. And another good reminder about driving anywhere in Panama. I don’t remember ever taking the Panama City-David bus without seeing a major traffic incident somewhere en route.
    I hope the driver wasn’t injured.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  3. Nice pic. accident right in front of our house. What kind of dash camera is it, quality is very good..Thanks

  4. Not untypical of the drive to Volcan.

    Whenever I drive there from La Concepcion, I pass an average of thirteen vehicles en route. What makes this such a dangerous drive is the exceeding
    slow vehicles that are on it who never pull off to the side when shoulder clearance is available so that others can safely pass.

    This is a real lack of consideration for other drivers and lack of responsibility for those who are supposed to be professional drivers and exercise safety first.

    In addition, you have some very fast drivers who exercise high risk behavior and aggressiveness when they are behind the wheel. Road signs like those
    in Texas to “Drive Friendly,” or a public information campaign to “drive defensively” could preclude and create awareness of such road conduct.]
    I have a small child riding in the car and am appalled at the situations that I encounter that endanger my child’s life.

    It mystifies me how there not more fatalities and injuries than what there are.
    I guess the speed limits, artificially low due to road conditions and quality, and speed limits being figured in kilometres may be a contributor for this happy consequence.

    Lastly, every North American vehicle operator should have a driving cam.

    This can protect you in an accident that is not of your doing. In one accident that I am aware of, suborned witnesses came out of the “woodwork” told absolute fabrications and mismatched stories which placed the innocent party, a North American, completely at blame. There is no greater indication of inherent bias that foreign drivers, perceived by the general Panamanian public to be financially well off, are taken advantage this way and sued at law for thousands of dollars of damages and such when the local drivers, several of whom do not have auto insurance, proper car licensing or inspections, or even a valid drivers license, much less any driving discipline or training, gets off “scot-free” and are not penalized.

    Having “video evidence” is the only sure way to deter such misplaced fault
    and protect your assets here in Panama.

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