Heads Up If You Live in The Volcan area

This was recently posted in the Volcan Yahoo group:

The road between Cuesta and Volcan will be closed tomorrow, Jan. 27 starting early until it is open. This is due to a over turned truck, trailer and rock crusher, in front of our house. According to the HMFIC, they need to build a access road for a very large crane to enter the area and lift the rock crusher off the trailer and then up-right the tractor trailer…..Plan ahead…Subject to change without notice….

3 thoughts on “Heads Up If You Live in The Volcan area

  1. Here is a short video of the before and after of this vehicle captured on my dashcam. Note the lack of police escort and even the lack of proper escort vehicles. Several times the speed was reduced down to approx. 8 mph.

  2. This is how alot of car/trucks drive up/down here very day. I live in Cerra Punta and it is a life/death drive every time I drive down to David and back. Many times a 18 wheeler or truck has been coming down on the wrong side of the road at great speed on a curve with no regard for anyone else on the road.

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