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Heads Up If You Live in The Volcan area

This was recently posted in the Volcan Yahoo group:

The road between Cuesta and Volcan will be closed tomorrow, Jan. 27 starting early until it is open. This is due to a over turned truck, trailer and rock crusher, in front of our house. According to the HMFIC, they need to build a access road for a very large crane to enter the area and lift the rock crusher off the trailer and then up-right the tractor trailer…..Plan ahead…Subject to change without notice….

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

I have written several posts about Tom McCormack and the work he is doing in Panama. However, words cant really convey the real story and the impact that his efforts are making on people’s lives. I feel fortunate to have Tom for a friend. I know that those in Panama, that he is helping, truly appreciate his good works.

Here is a photographic record of just some of the recipients of the items that Tom and his foundation have brought from the U.S.

Chiriqui Chatter salutes the McCormack Foundation.


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