I have been meaning to post this for some time. I recently noticed that CECREPAG, S.A. Is no longer in the office area they were in. I have been told that they have closed their service in David.

That is bad news as it means that cremation services now are only done in Panama City as far as I know.

While the CECREPAG, S.A. website is still online, the numbers do not seem to be active. If you know more, or know of an alternative to sending remains to Panama City please comment.

6 thoughts on “CECREPAG, S.A. Update

  1. Can you possibly imagine the problems that “newbies” contend with on their move to Panama. We have been here for 4 years and just can’t get the proper information to follow procedures here on anything. Total confusion. The Gov’t in Panama has to let us know what in the heck they require. Everything we get is from you and Panama Guide and others and “Thank God” for your efforts. Someone in Gov’t has to get stuff under control.

  2. I agree, Charlotte. I have in-laws working in the US after 14 years of waiting for a permanent resident visa. As such, they are required to send “proof of life” documents every year to Panama. This year the government changed the period to every 6 months but didn’t tell anyone. One of the in-laws provides medical coverage for her mom there and the coverage stopped when the proof of life wasn’t sent. We have it straightened out finally but that doesn’t mean the government could decide on quarterly updates on a whim.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  3. Is that the same cremation company, Paz y Gloria, that is on the road from Boquete, across from the Delta station? When Hal De Mun died, he was taken to Panama City to be cremated, so maybe that is the only option now. Perhaps one could have a burial at sea?

  4. If I die before my husband and he dumps me in the sea (which I would appreciate), I think he should cremate me before and not tie a cinderblock to my ankles and get arrested for dumping garbage and pollution and go to jail. It may get into the water supply. Someone here has to cook for him. !!!

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