Choque filmed by Car Cam

As I mentioned in a previous post, I use a Car Cam when I am driving. The primary reason is that if I have an accident, I want proof as to who is responsible for the accident.

If a foreigner is involved in an accident in Panama, it is likely that he/she will be found to be the responsible party.

Yesterday as I was on my way to Chiriqui Hospital I caught the following accident on my car cam. If the car cam was in the silver Hyundai, then it would have shown that the Hyundai driver was responsible. Likewise, if it had been in the black car it would have shown that the silver Hyundai had hit it from the left side.

I am perfectly willing to accept responsibility for any accident I cause, but I don’t want to take responsibility for another person’s mistake. I carry my documentation with me.

I think they should require all Taxi drivers to have a car cam since most accidents have at least one Taxi in them.

9 thoughts on “Choque filmed by Car Cam

  1. In the post referenced in the post is the website this cam came from. I think there are others that are being sold in Panama.I paid a little over $200 for this one if I remember correct.

    Here is the site mine came from.

    I did not research the camera before buying it. A friend had two in panama and I bought his second camera.

  2. I have one too, cost about $45 off eBay, not the best quality thing in the world, but it does its job ok. They say they are HD, but the quality is not HD, just the recording rate is…

  3. It is my professional opinion that this type of equipment is not a luxury rather a basic essential for ones protection while in Panama. Yes you can take the cheap and get a $45 piece of junk or you can invest in your personal safety and security and acquire a reasonably well made Car Camera. There are many things wise people should do if they want to successfully live and thrive in Panama and investing in a high quality Dash Cam for you vehicle is one of them. Anything less is just an indication of an individuals lack of self-preservation and vestment in one’s well being. I actually have 2 cameras on board my vehicle, one with frontal view and one facing to the rear.

    However there are newer more sophisticated cameras systems on the market designed for general public use that utilizes duel lenses from a single unit.

  4. I have been researching IP security cams recently. There are a lot on the market similar to this. Amazon is a good place to look because of all their customer reviews.

  5. Yes, Don, there are a lot on Amazon and I read the reviews and did more research and came to think that a camera that sent alerts to your cell would be desirable. Storage in the cloud vs home computer is another plus. So many other factors to consider, I’ll keep on checking….

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