A Farewell To Hal Celebration

I received an email from Michael about memorial service at Las Ruinas on Tuesday January 31 in recognition of Harold DeMun (known by most as Hal of the BOOKMARK). The time will be noon.

I called it a celebration in the title, because I think Hal would have liked that better. A celebration of his life instead of mourning his death. Many have emailed me to know if anything was going to be done. Now you know.

5 thoughts on “A Farewell To Hal Celebration

  1. A memorial service for Papa Ricco will be held at 10:30 am on Saturday January 21st 2012. The service will take place at Dr. Allens mission Nueva Esperanza in Volcancito. The mission is located about 2 ½ KM from the main highway in Boquete on the left side of the road as you are heading up the mountain. On the left side of the road 200yards just before the mission is a little Catholic Church to use as a marker.

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